Well. Doesn’t This Just Suck?

I did really well last week. Hit and exceeded all of my walking goals. Mostly hit my calorie budget. That sort of thing. The sort of thing that makes you excited about the new week, especially since you lost 5 pounds.

So, naturally, I’m sick today. Congestion, aches, drainage, and a possible fever. Isn’t that just ducky?

Time for OJ and sleep. Exercise can wait.


5K Training: Week One, Complete!

My legs haven’t been this sore in years. I mean, they aren’t as bad as when I first started walking when I first started trying to lose weight, but… ouch. Stiff and aching, and I hobble a little when I stand up after sitting a while.

Is it ridiculous that I’m enjoying the sensation? Because I am – it feels like proof that I’m working hard. Well, that and all the sweat. I’m usually soaked by the time I finish.

It’s also nice because it’s helping me easily hit my walking goals. I’ve been averaging about 7 miles a day this week, and (thanks to a family walk) hit 8.49 miles last night. Yes, I kind of collapsed into bed at the end of the day. I rather think I earned it.

All of this goes a long way towards giving me a feeling of confidence that I’ll be seeing some positive results when I get on the scale tomorrow! Particularly since yesterday is the first day this week that I missed my calorie budget, and I only went over by about 40 calories!

So, I get the weekend to rest up. Then, come Monday, the 5K training gets harder. I’m looking forward to it!

Eating Well: Chili-Lime Chicken Tacos

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, hasn’t it? Do it’s time, particularly since this recipe got my six-year-old’s stamp of approval. He declared that he wanted them to be his birthday dinner, which is high praise indeed! Oh, and it’s really simple to make.

Chili-Lime Chicken Tacos

  • 3 – 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • 3 tablespoons lime juice
  • Chili powder, garlic powder, and cumin to taste
  • 1 medium onion
  • Taco shells or cabbage leaves
  • Toppings as desired


  1. Cut the chicken into strips.
  2. In a large container, combine lime juice and spices. Add chicken, toss to thoroughly mix, and allow the chicken to marinate (I did 1 1/2 hours, but I don’t think there’s a hard rule here)
  3. Preheat a large skillet. Peel and chop the onion and cook until translucent, about 5 minutes.
  4. Add the chicken to the skillet and cook until no longer pink. That took me about 10 minutes.
  5. Serve.

Boneless skinless chicken breast runs about 28 calories an ounce, and 1 did 4 ounces per taco for the two tacos I ate – that’s 224 calories. I used flour tortillas at 130 calories per tortilla, so there’s another 260 calories, and about a half ounce of shredded cheddar cheese for another 57 calories. That’s 541 calories in total, dropping to 331 if I’d used cabbage leaves to make a chicken wrap instead.

Clearly, this is a versatile recipe. Use it for chicken burritos instead, or maybe turn the marinade into a sauce and serve it over rice. Have fun with it, and enjoy!

What I Did With The Last Day Of Ny Vacation

I went to church.

Yes, there’s a story here. See, the first thing I did was drop off my son for his first day of first grade (where has the time gone?), and then I had to go and pick up the prescription for my glasses so that I could order a new pair. Well, on the way back, I spotted Christ Baptist Church (seen above) and said to myself “I bet there’s a Pokestop there, and I could stand to stretch my legs.” So I pulled over, and checked.

There wasn’t just a Pokestop, but a gym! A gym with a raid in progress!

A weak enough raid that I could probably beat it all by myself!

So, I entered the raid.

To make a long and potentially extremely boring story short, I won. And, in honor of my solitary win, I named the Bayleaf for the church (within the confines of the character limits):

Now, the point of all of this is not that I drove to a Pokestop and won a raid. Yippee, right? No, the point was that I was feeling busy when I stopped. I mean, I wasn’t actually all that busy, but I felt busy. Up until I stopped. By the time I was done, I had noticed how pleasant the weather was. I went walking, just to enjoy the day. I even took a picture of some ducks.

Real ducks. Not some sort of “Pokéduck”.

In short, stopping to play the game for a few minutes reminded me that there’s a reason beyond weight loss that I’m doing all this work. I’m doing it to be able to go for long, impromptu walks with ducks. I’m doing it to enjoy myself. I’m doing it because it makes me feel good.

Christchurch the Bayleef is a wise, skilled teacher.

That Went Well

So far, so good. I blew through my walking goal yesterday (6.95 miles, and I was so tempted to go knock out that extra 264 feet), thanks to the Zombies Run 5K app and having to go grocery shopping. And life in general, really. I also got in all of my exercises, so I feel…

Sore. I’ll be honest, I was a little sore when I got up this morning. It was the good kind of sore, though, if that makes any sense. Not like way back when I started all of this, where my thighs as calves felt like they’d been carved out of oak. No, this was the kind of sore that tells you that you worked hard the previous day, and that vanished as you move around. By the time I made it to the treadmill for Workout 1 on the app, the soreness was gone.

Workout 1. It went well, I think. It was 10 minutes of walking (I set the treadmill for 3.0 mph), then 10 sets of walking a minute and then running 15 seconds (for the run I went up to 4 mph), and then a 10 minute “freestyle run” (which, to be honest, was 10 more minutes of walking). I covered 1.67 miles in total, or 5.12 miles if you believe the app.

Wait. 5.12 miles?

Yeah. About that. See, I’m letting my phone count my steps for the app. And I misread the thing that asked how long my pace was, when I set it up. I thought it wanted my height, so I put in 6′ 5″. Which, to put it mildly, skewed the results. I mean, that has me at a 7 minute mile. If I could run a 7 minute mile, I don’t think I’d need to be using an app that was training me to run a 5K.

Still, it’s a little thing. The workout was good, and I was properly out of breath and soaked with sweat when I was done. Workout 2 happens tomorrow, and then I’ll be settling into the app’s recommended every-other-day schedule by hitting the workouts on Monday, Wednesday, an Friday.

Now to take the app’ final bit f advice, and hit the shower.

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Hi! I’m back! I hadn’t originally planned it n not posting for all of last week (in fact, I’d planned on writing every day), but life sort of got away from me. Along with my walking goals, and my exercise goals, and my calorie budget. But, on the up side, I feel great!

So, what did I do?

Let’s see. On Tuesday, I went with my family to the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, a 300 acre park on the north side of Cincinnati. We didn’t do anywhere near as much walking as I’d planned there, since it started raining and we ended up renting a golf cart to go see the sculptures, but it was still a good time.

How much of a good time? Well, my six-year-old son declared that he wanted to go back for his birthday.

Thursday, or maybe Friday, I took my son to Force Friday II at Toy’s R Us. It was at midnight, which entailed getting the six-year-old up at 11 pm on Thursday to go and get to n line. We ended up getting there a half hour early, which worked out well. Why? Because at 11:40 he told me he had to go to the bathroom. So we had to leave the line, drive to a nearby Meier, discover that the doors closest to the bathroom were locked, and sprint the length of the building and back to avoid accidents. All ended well, and we made it back with 7 minutes t spare.

Force Friday II was actually a bit of a letdown. We had no idea what to expect, but all we got was a poster.

Still, we had a good time going out and doing this utterly ridiculous thing. He wants to go again next year. Just… somewhere else.

Saturday I got myself back to the Zen Zone to get my flabby butt kicked by my personal trainer. Well, all right, I joke. But I was sweaty and sore by the time we were done, so that was a good thing. It helped with the discovery that I’d gained weight over the last week, mostly (I assume) from eating badly and not exercising,

Speaking of exercising, we took my son and my nephew to Sky Zone yesterday. That’s a big indoor trampoline park, and I got a ticket to jump with them. “How hard can it be?” I told myself. “It’s just bouncing. How hard can it be?” Five minutes later, I was soaked with sweat and out of breath. Trampolining is hard work.

Which gets me to today. I’m not actually done with my vacation until tomorrow, but I’m rested and refreshed and ready to get back on track. I’m trying out the Zombies Run 5K app, because I’ve still got the itch to see if I can build up to be able to run 5 kilometers, and I did the first set this morning. And I’ve planned out when I’m doing my exercises (and how to fit them into my study schedule), and I have two weeks of healthy meals planned out.

I am feeling great!

Vacation: Day One

Well, I’m on track to hit my walking goal today. And I’m getting to do it with my son!

I got up this morning around 7:30, and got ready to go walking. He was already up, sitting on the couch and playing Minecraft. So I invited him to go with me. He said no, then thought about it and decided he wanted to go after all. So we hit the road – me, my son, and my crazy dog. And we covered 2 1/3 miles, walking and talking and looking at flowers and playing Pokémon Go.

It took an hour and a half. I could have done it faster if I’d gone by myself, but why would I have wanted to? It was a perfect opportunity to spend time with him and set an example for him, without getting all preachy.