Or Maybe, Just Maybe, I Was Wrong

Following up on my last entry, I was very very wrong. I lasted three hours, before heading home.


A Reminder Of Triceps

Let me tell you about push-ups. Why?  Because they come up in my exercise cards with distressing frequency.  And I can’t quite do a traditional push-up yet – the kind where you hold your back straight and rest on hands and toes. Not if I want to do mute then bend my arms a little.

What do I do, then?  I start by lying on my chest, and then I push myself up on my knees (in the classic “girl push-up” of my youth) and back down. Someday I’ll be up to a full push-up. Until then, these work.

So yesterday, I drew a card with a “diamond push-up”. It’s called that because you put your hands beneath your sternum so that thumbs and forefingers touch “making a diamond shape), and then you do the push-up.  So, I began.

Five push-ups in, and my triceps were burning.  By ten, my arms were aching and I was telling myself “maybe just 15, instead of the 20 the card calls for”. At 12, I collapsed onto the floor for a little rest. But, I managed all 20.

Me and my triceps weren’t on speaking terms for almost an hour after that. So, I guess that means the exercise worked?

More Work Than I Remembered

I’ve been a little sporadic with getting back to my exercise routine. I’ve got good reasons, mind, but it’s been irregular.  And while anything’ vetter than nothing, it’s still not ideal.

But, I hit the exercise cards today!  Six of them!  And, boy. I’m out of shape again. Still, I did them. And this time, crazy life situations willing, I’ll get them done every day!

Once I, you know, catch my breath.


Time, it seems, has gotten away from me. I entirely forgot to post for a few days.

See, I’m in the last two weeks of studying for the second level of the Certified Equity Professional examination, and it’s rough. I’m not an accountant, but about 20% of the exam is on accounting rules for equity compensation, so I have to learn it. As a result, I’ve bee distracted.  Exercise has gone by the wayside for the next few weeks.

Not walking, mind. I still need a break from studying, and walking is a good way to do that. But, yeah. Things may be a little slow around here until after June 10.

Wish me luck!