Watch What You Eat

I just saw this image on a Vox article yesterday:

The point here is not to scare anyone, or to launch into one of my “doughnuts are dessert, not breakfast” rants (although you can probably fill in the details on that last one). No, the point is a far more important one for healthy eating (and, yes, weight loss): be aware of what you’re eating.

See, as far as I’ve been able to work out, there’s no “magic bullet” or “one size fits all” diet and nutrition program that will make everyone healthy. Some people can skip breakfast, have a cup of coffee, and be fine until noon. Other people need a small meal every couple of hours to maintain blood sugar. Some rare people can eat everything in sight all day, and not gain an ounce.

Me? I’m sort of in the “every few hours camp”. During the work day, when I’m paying attention to my calorie budget, I have breakfast at 5 am and second breakfast about 8 am. Then a light lunch between 10:30 and 11, and a snack (usually fruit) about 2. Dinner is between 4 and 5 and then, sometimes, more fruit around 6:30 or 7. That last depends on the day, of course. As I eat I usually just focus on calories, but I’ve been trying to branch out and eat a variety of things – hence my experiments with spinach carrot berry smoothies.

Simple, right?

Well, yes. It is. But “simple” doesn’t always mean “easy”, especially in a world of 24/7 drive-throughs. Eating in moderation is simple, but it takes planning and preparation. You have to make food in advance, and then take it with you. Hitting fast food is easier, because it’s right there, but if you’re trying to eat reasonably it’s nothing like “easy”. If you don’t believe me, just go into a fast food restaurant and try to figure out a filling 450 calorie meal.

So, plan to eat wisely and then follow through, and you’ll feel better. Oh, and can we all just accept that doughnuts really are just a socially acceptable excuse to eat a slice of cake for breakfast?


A Reminder Of Triceps

Let me tell you about push-ups. Why?  Because they come up in my exercise cards with distressing frequency.  And I can’t quite do a traditional push-up yet – the kind where you hold your back straight and rest on hands and toes. Not if I want to do mute then bend my arms a little.

What do I do, then?  I start by lying on my chest, and then I push myself up on my knees (in the classic “girl push-up” of my youth) and back down. Someday I’ll be up to a full push-up. Until then, these work.

So yesterday, I drew a card with a “diamond push-up”. It’s called that because you put your hands beneath your sternum so that thumbs and forefingers touch “making a diamond shape), and then you do the push-up.  So, I began.

Five push-ups in, and my triceps were burning.  By ten, my arms were aching and I was telling myself “maybe just 15, instead of the 20 the card calls for”. At 12, I collapsed onto the floor for a little rest. But, I managed all 20.

Me and my triceps weren’t on speaking terms for almost an hour after that. So, I guess that means the exercise worked?

More Work Than I Remembered

I’ve been a little sporadic with getting back to my exercise routine. I’ve got good reasons, mind, but it’s been irregular.  And while anything’ vetter than nothing, it’s still not ideal.

But, I hit the exercise cards today!  Six of them!  And, boy. I’m out of shape again. Still, I did them. And this time, crazy life situations willing, I’ll get them done every day!

Once I, you know, catch my breath.