The Key To Health

It turns out that 230 calories of fruits and vegetables isn’t all that much. I ate one red delicious apple (90 calories), a large orange (90 more calories) and a largish side salad (which turned out to be 80 calories), for a total of 260. I wrapped up the day thinking “hey, maybe I should step up the goal.” I don’t think I will, not yet anyway. The purpose here is to set up a habit. And clearly, after one day, I don’t have a strong habit of eating my fruits and vegetables yet.

Also, about halfway through the salad, I started thinking. And what I thought was “well, that’s 230 calories. I can stop now, right?” Which, as you might imagine, totally goes against the intent of the goal. 230 calories is a minimum threshold, not a deadline. So, clearly, I’ve got a long way to go with this.

On the up side, I hit my walking goal yesterday. It’s significantly easier to do that, when you get enough sleep. Also, it helps if you have a bunch of household chores that [i]have[/i] to be done, because you walk around a lot when you’re picking up and putting away and getting ready to wash dishes. I got about a third of a mile in just walking back and forth putting stuff away.

In other words, the key to health is plenty of vegetables and being sloppy enough to have to spend time picking up at night. I’m sure my wife will love that.


MIssing Goals and FitBit Frustrations

The good news is that, as promised, I hit my walking goal yesterday. 5.46 miles to be specific, and I feel pretty good that I followed through. Particularly since, once again, I was tired enough that I considered not hitting that goal in favor of falling asleep.

The bad news is that I missed my calorie goal, eating 3,083 calories out of a budget of 2,400. I was going to type something like “I blame the largesse of my employers for this”, but really I blame myself. See, my department is super busy right now – that’s why I’m working three hours of overtime a day. Well, that and the fact that I could use the money. But, by way of showing appreciation, the department bought lunch. Pizza, to be precise. Tired and hungry and not paying attention, I ate four slices of a large pizza, which carried a hefty 1,200 calorie punch. Combine that with going to Firehouse Subs for dinner (with their 780 calorie medium “Club on a Sub”), and you see that I ate a touch more than I should have. My fault. I could have had something smaller, or only eaten two slices of pizza.

A small sliver of good news in all of that is the fact that I burned 4,444 calories. So, even though I went over, I didn’t eat more than I burned. It’s still a somewhat weak bit of good news, but I’ll take it.

Oh, and the FitBit issue? So, at my first lunch (how Hobbitlike, right?), I ate two slices of pizza. Then, three hours later, I ate two more. So I went into my FitBit app and updated the servings from two to four. An hour after that, I had to update the servings from two to four again. An hour after that, I had to update the servings from two to four again. Then when I met my wife and son for dinner I – stop me if you know where I’m going – had to update the servings from two to four again. And then, this morning as I was checking my calorie count from yesterday I had to – say it with me – update the servings from two to four again.

This is a distressingly common problem I’ve had with this app, ever since the most recent update. And it’s far more irritating than the whole getting forced to log on randomly issue. Logging on just slows me down a little. Failing to track my calories accurately makes it bloody damn hard to know where I’m at. Time to email customer service again*, and see what happens.