Hey, Everyone

Wow. It’s been way too long since my last post, particularly for a blog that I intended to update daily during the week. There’s been no real reason for that, either. Life just felt like it got busy, is all.

So. How have I been? Well, it’s been a rocky few weeks for my goals, and my weight hasn’t changed significantly as a result. The weather’s also finally caught up with the fact that it’s Fall, so I’d grey and cool and damp a lot. Crisp autumn days are a myth in my part of the country, it seems. They’re much more soggy, really.

Sombo got cut from my schedule, mostly due to some safety concerns. The instructors are well-intentioned, but not enough effort went into keeping an eye on the children taking the class. So, instead, my son and I have started taekwando (which I might have spelled right). So far it seems like a good class, and we’re having fun, and I’m being reminded of muscles that I forgot I had.

This week? My plans are simple: focus on packing my meals for work and eating within my calorie budget, getting my walking in, and practicing my taekwondo. I may also add in some sit-ups and pushups, but I think I’ll see how the practice goes first.


A Mixed Bag Of Stuff

So, yeah. I went dark again, despite telling myself that I was going to be really good and write a post every day. And, if you’ve been following along for a while, that means one thing: I had a rough couple of weeks.

Oddly, it was only sporadically rough. Except for last Friday, I hit my walking goals. And, except for a few days, I hit all my calorie goals. So I don’t quite understand why it felt so rough. I mean, objectively, things went pretty well.

The mind is a strange thing, I guess.

Weighing on n yesterday was a strange thing. It was my first weigh-in in 21 days (I’ve been avoiding it), and I gained 3 pounds. So, 347 now. But my pants feel a little loose, which is something that is confusing me.

Long story short, here’s where I’m at. I weigh more, but my pants fit better and the walking is a whole lot easier. Like, “several times over the last few weeks I had to knock out two or more miles at a single go to hit goal, and my legs weren’t sore the next day” easier. So I’m just going to go on record as saying that this health business is strange and peculiar and I wish it made more sense.

The Sound Of Inarticulate Shock

We at dinner at a Red Robin yesterday – it’s a burger place, sort of like Applebee’s but 90% cheeseburgers instead of desperate attempts at relevance. I hadn’t been particularly great with my calorie budget yesterday (thanks to grabbing breakfast from a drive-through) so I looked over a menu full of burgers topped with chili and cheese and pulled pork and other burgers, and spotted a basic bacon cheeseburger. “How bad could that be?” I said to myself. “Nice and simple.”

You probably know where this is going, don’t you?

The bacon cheeseburger was 1,020 calories. The steak fries that came with it were 450 more calories. Dinner was 3/5ths of my daily calorie budget.

Next time? Check first, order second.

Rained Out

I didn’t make my walking goal yesterday. But I tried. I really did. Here’s what happened.

I had 1 1/2 miles left to go yesterday after dinner, so I drove myself over to a local park to combine hitting my goal and playing Pokémon Go. I hop out and start walking, enjoying the mild temperatures and my podcasts and catching the occasional virtual critter. And then it starts drizzling. Not hard, but enough that I start thinking I should finish the half-mike loop on the trail and head back to the car.

Then my wife calls to tell me it’s pouring at the house. I assure her that I’m heading for the car, and that the rain is really light.

Two minutes later the heavens opened up.

I don’t look as wet as I felt in that picture. By the time I made it to my car – where I took the picture -my shirt was soaked and water was running down the back of my neck and my eyebrows were dripping.

I made 4.82 miles yesterday. Good enough.


Yesterday went great. I got all my exercises in, I stayed within my calorie budget, I walked a little over 5.5 Miles, and generally I feel… well, I actually feel pretty tired and a little sore. I also feel pretty good, but definitely sore and tired. It’s been a while, you know?

I did make one modification to my regiment, though. This week, I’m only doing two sets of ten reps with the dumbbells. After yesterday, when I decided to cancel the third set because everything was aching, it’s clear that I need to ease back into things. Not to the degree that I need to go back to the five pound weights, mind, but enough that I don’t want to accidentally injure myself. That would be bad.

So. What does this have to do with “boredom”? Nothing. Nothing at all. No, the title of this post comes from a realization I had a few minutes before I was writing. I was contemplating digging into my stash of dried fruit (my emergency “I need to eat something” stash), and I asked myself why I was considering that. I wasn’t actually hungry, after all.

No. It turns out that I wanted to eat because I was feeling bored. Which is a ridiculous thing, once I realized it. I just wanted something to do, and immediately thought of food. And even now, having realized it, part of me is still wanting to eat something. Not because I’m hungry. Not because I really want the taste of something. Just because it’s something to do.

I knew I ate when stressed. I never thought I’d eat because of boredom. Strange.

Thoughts On The Day Off

It’s Wednesday, which means I get my mid-week break from the dumbbell workout I’ve been doing. In an ideal world I would have still gotten up and gone walked my. After all, doing some cardio exercises n the down time is still a good idea. But I didn’t.

Why? Partly because I’ve still got a half-healed broken toe, which ached a little after the 5.12 miles I walked yesterday running errands. Partly because 3 am is early, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. And partly because of this nonsense:

That is my car (envy me my sweet ride) dusted with snow. I was walking around without a coat yesterday, and today there’s snow. Not a lot, honestly, but that’s not the point.

In other news, I noticed an interesting thing for the future of my work with the dumbbells. The set in my clubhouse goes escalates the pounds as follows: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and then a whopping one 50 pound dumbbells. So, yeah. That escalated rapidly. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I look forward to the day I’m doing my routine with the 40 pound weights. But that’s going to take some doing.

Mixed Results

The scale showed me at 336 pounds when I got on it yesterday. It wasn’t what I wanted to see, not by a long shot, but it wasn’t a surprise. I’ve been eating really badly for several weeksmonths now, so gaining weight didn’t really shock me. But it did confuse me.

See, I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not, but I recently bought some new pants in a larger waist size. Not too much larger thankfully, but larger. I’d been down by that thing where you stuff yourself into cloths that are a little snug, because you’re telling yourself that you really will lose the weight but really you’re just punishing yourself. That thing. Well, while I was doing it, I was also having to let my belt out.

Yesterday, the same day I discovered I’d gained weight again, I also realized that I was tightening my belt down to keep my pants from dropping. Comfortably tightening my belt.

That pretty well sums it up. Maybe all of the crunches and leg lifts are paying off? I… don’t know. And I don’t know quite how to react. ‘M annoyed that I gained weight and happy that my pants are getting loose and…

Yeah. Thank you, Mr. Confused Emoji.

Anyway, I think the take-away here is that I need to a) keep up the exercises and b) eat better. That seems like the best possible plan, doesn’t it?