Spraying… toxins?

Most of the comments I get on my blog are spam.  Spambots mostly, attempting to sell me SEO services or more hits on my Facebook page or the like.  If you’ve ever read through the comments section of anything on the internet, you’ve seen the kind of ads.  Mostly, I delete them.  But then, I get this:

Jag förstår att man måste känna sig ren och fräsch när man sprutar nervgift i sin kropp!

That’s… Finnish, maybe?  No, according to Google Translate, it’s Swedish.  I’ve gotten Swedish spam (which sounds like a Muppet/Monty Python crossover sketch)!  Google Translate renders it as “I understand that you have to feel clean and fresh when spraying nerve toxin in his body!”

Uhm.  Yeah.  I… don’t get it.  But it fascinated me enough that I wanted to share.

Moving on to more significant things, I’m pretty much expecting to maintain my weight again this week.  You know, what with having been sick and all.  But I’m feeling better enough that Monday I should be back on my exercise and walking program, and I’m looking forward to it!


I Don’t Get My Metabolism

Yesterday, I crashed.  Hard.  The kind of crash where you’re struggling to maintain consciousness at two in the afternoon, and you’re not bothering to fight the urge to eat carbs because some sleepy part of your brain is saying “I need sugar to maintain consciousness!”  The kind of crash where, by 6 pm, your lovely and amazing wife looks at you and tells you to just go to bed already.  That kind of crash.

I wasn’t wildly successful yesterday, is what I’m trying to say.  Because I was so tired, for no reason I can work out, that I just collapsed.

So, this morning, I made myself get on the scales.  Not an official weigh-in, but I wanted to see what sort of damage I’d done.  Not to flagellate myself, mind.  But for the sake of accountability.  And, hopefully, to get myself motivated.  And you know what I saw?

The scales said I weighed 306.8 pounds.  Down a full pound from Saturday.

I don’t even understand what happened.