Day Three: I Should Plan Better

Yeah, so, I kind of blew through my calorie budget yesterday. Th was a combination of a super busy day and poor planning, and then promising my son he could choose where we had dinner. He chose McDonalds. McDonalds isn’t calorie budget friendly.

Still not giving up, though! This is a process, not a destination!


Day Two: Meh, But For Reasons

The only one of my fitness goals I hit yesterday was my calorie budget, but not for lack of trying. Or, well, I stopped trying after a while. But for a good reason! Specifically, my knees hurt, and it’s pretty difficult to want to do a lot of walking with sore knees (although I did still hit 4.54 miles yesterday).

It’s nothing to worry about, I think. This is a thing that flares up once in a while, usually when the weather changes rapidly. It’ll probably clear up in a few days. Until then, I’ll work on walking and exercising as my knees permit (and i’ll cut the standing and jumping exercises from my cards so I don’t have any excuses for not exercising).

I’m not upset, and I’m not giving up. Life happens, but I still have a clear goal in mind! And, in th immortal words of the Tick

I will, sir. I will accept those charges.

Day One: (Almost) 100%!

I feel like I got off to a good start yesterday. I hit my walking goal, I did my workout cards and my warmups, and I… um.,. I sort of missed my calorie budget. Not badly, mind you. Only by 100 calories. It was just sort of annoying. Here’s what happened.

I was tempted by jelly donuts early in the day. But I only ate about 600 calories with, and I made wise choices with my actual meals, so by the time I was winding my day down I was sitting at 2,300 calories for the day. Yay me, right? Of course right. And then I took my dog for a one-mile walk to wrap up my walking goal, after I got my son to bed, and I was a little hungry when I got back. So I told myself I could have something as long as it was relatively healthy, and went with half a cup of lightly salted cashews. “They can’t be all that bad,” I said to myself.

Folks, I forgot the key rule of snacking while working with a calorie budget: check the calorie content before eating. Because it turns out that a half cup of cashews has 320 calories packed into it.

So, yeah. I missed that part of the goal. I still think it was a successful first day, though. And for today (day two)? More of the same. Only with more calorie checking before eating.

Case In Point

Two days ago, I write about the troubles I’m having staying focused right now – some of them personal, and some of them external. That very night, my son got sick. Not terribly sick, fortunately, but “can’t go to school tomorrow” sick.

I did not hit any of my exercise goals yesterday. And I was on track to hit my calorie goals, but then there was birthday cake. I regret nothing, but I still would have preferred that my son not be sick. (My son begs to differ, though. He got to spend the day playing video games and watching Christmas movies with daddy, and even having to do his homework didn’t dampen his spirits.)

I got up this morning and went walking, still. No reason to stay off track, right?

Rethinking A Few Things

I went down pretty hard on Thursday – at a time that feels like the afternoon to me, but which everyone else would call “not even lunchtime”. Thanks, crazy early schedule. But I get off the topic.

I went down pretty hard. It might have Ben the flu, or it might have been a cold, or it may gut gave just been exhaustion. The point is, I went down. And I spent some time talking to my wife, and (thanks to her insight, because she is wise) I realized a few things.

I’m going about things the wrong way.

I don’t think it’s a shock to anyone who’s been reading this blog do a while – like, the lad year – that I’m frustrated with my lack of progress. What I didn’t realize – I mean, really realize – is that I’ve given up. Oh, I didn’t talk like I did. I still gave lip service to the idea of watching my calorie budget and exercising, but I haven’t been consistent with those things for a while. Worse, I’ve gotten down on myself for it, and I’ve been using my goals to beat myself up.

Yeah, now that I write it down, it doesn’t make sense to me either. But it’s what I’ve been doing to myself. It like I’ve been getting some perverse sense of pleasure out of setting myself up to fail, and then failing, and then wallowing in doughnuts as a way of rewarding and punishing myself.

Weird, right? So what am I doing about it?

This isn’t a quick fix thing, really. But the realization is freeing me up to accept what I’ve done, and to forgive myself. I mean, yeah. I messed up. That happens. I’m human. Messing up is a thing that we do. So is fixing it, once we realize what we’ve done.

Forgiveness isn’t easy. I’ve got one of those annoying inner voices, after all. You know the voice, right? The one that tries to undercut your confidence by bringing up that embarrassing thing you did in high school twenty-five years ago? That voice, when I’m down on myself, goes into overdrive. I’ll be arguing with that voice for a while, I suspect.

I’m also cutting myself some slack. I’m taking my calorie budget back up to 2,500 calories per day. That’s higher than the USDA recommended 2,000 per day, but every calorie calculator I can find says that it should still have me losing 1 to 3 pounds a week. And it feels less restrictive than the 2,300 calories I’ve been failing to eat each day.

Finally, I’m going to be reassessing my exercise goals. Sure, I need to do more than walk. But I’m probably better off with a modest exercise program that I actually do, then an ambitious one that I do sporadically if at all.

Nope. This isn’t going to be easy. But it’s all things I need to do.

Off Track

Well, it’s been a crazy and weird week. Between car trouble and injuring myself, I haven’t really managed any exercise since a Tuesday. And, of course, some of those reasons are better than others. Mostly, though, I’ve just been distracted.

Still, I must be doing something right. I can’t tighten my belt any further without drilling a new hole in it, so that’s s good sign.

I should be back to everything on Monday. Both my knee and my arm are feeling significant better already, so I’ll be ready to try exercises involving them by then. Carefully., of course. No need to stress anything too much and reinjure myself, after all.

Threeish Miles

So much stuff happened yesterday, and not all of it was good. But let’s try and focus on the good part, shall we?

I had to get the brakes fixed on my car, about a $900 repair. So I dropped off my car and decided to walk home – it’s something I’ve done before, after all, so why not? It sure beat sitting at the garage for the 2 1/2 hours it would take. With that thought in mind, I threw on my headphones and started walking.

I just googled the distance. It turns out that it is 2.8 miles from the garage I used to my condo. They estimate it can be walked in 58 minutes. It took me about 75, but there were a couple of delays. One was the classic “call of nature”, and we’ll leave it at that. The other was tripping and falling.

That last was fun, particularly since it happened while I was crossing a (thankfully not busy) side street, about 1/4 of the way along my route. I don’t know if I tripped, or if I lost my footing as I moved from sidewalk to road, or what. All I know was that I was suddenly and badly off-balance. I managed approximately three steps while thinking “I don’t really want to fall”, and down I went. Landed mostly on my left knee and then my elbow.

Don’t worry, I’m not badly hurt. It felt like it took forever to get organized and be able to stand up, but it couldn’t really have been more than 30 seconds. My knee ached (it turned out I scraped it enough to bleed slightly), and I limped for the next 50 yards or so until I – as they say – walked it off. For some reason, my upper left arm actually aches mire than my knee.

So, that’s my exciting cross-country walk story. It made sure I hit my walking goal, but also means I’m adjusting my exercises for a while. Squats and pushups are on hold until my knee and arm feel better, because I can put weight on my arm but see no reason to push it and risk injuring myself more.

Good times. Here’s hoping today goes better.