Starting Again. Again.

I got to pet a wolf, yesterday.

We took my son to Wolf Creek Habitat in Indiana, yesterday. Partly because he had to do a report on wolves for school, and partly because it was fun. The staff let him go into a little enclosure while we were there, so he could pet one of the wolves. I got to pet the wolf as well, because he was scared and wanted me to go with him. That fear wore off pretty quickly, though. He loved it. I loved it, too.

That was one of a couple of great things that happened last week that had nothing to do with my exercise and weight loss goals. The other big thing was that we – my family – finally achieved a thing that we’ve been working towards since my son was born. So that felt great.

Sadly, I got really distracted last week and was really, really tired. As a result, I overate. A lot, and mostly carbs in the form of sugar. And I didn’t get my exercising in. So, here I am, starting over again. My breakfasts are made and in the freezer at home (except for what I’m eating today), my lunch got packed (thanks to my amazing wife), and I feel ready to go.

Of course, I have to maintain that enthusiasm when I get home so I can hit the gym. Still, I feel nicely confident.

Here. Have another wolf picture:

And while you enjoy that, root for me to succeed!


No Exercise News Today

We put my dog down today. He was old, and his kidneys were at less than 20% function, and his hind legs weren’t working right anymore, and he was constantly getting sick. Bloody diarrhea sick, which isn’t a good sign. Our vet said he could have as little as two weeks or as much as six months when the kidney failure was diagnosed. That was just a little over two weeks ago.

His name was Bosley, which was a bit of a goofy name but it suited him. He’s the dog I write about in Gear Review: Dog in November 2015. Here’s how I described him then:

I’ve got a 17 pound cocker spaniel. He’s nine years old, I believe, black with a white belly and snout, and barks like he thinks he’s a dire wolf. At anything. Squirrels. Trees. His own reflection. Whatever. He was a rescue dog so he’s not as well socialized as I’d like, even after all these years, but he’s far more bark than bite.

He never really changed all that much. Sure, he lost all but four of his teeth and his fur started getting in his ears, but he was still the barking dire wolf wanna-be he always was, right up to the end. He saw another dog as we were walking 🚶‍♀️ not the vet, and rallied enough energy for one last barking fit. That was at 9:22 am. The vet pronounced him dead at 10:03 am.

He was a dumb dog. And an infuriating one and a little destructive – he’d been rescued from a puppy mill, and the house training never quite took. But still, he was my dog. We did the right thing for him, I’m sure if that. But I miss him already. Terribly.

Good bye, Bosley.

Just A Bit Of Disappointment

Hey! Remember how excited I was last week that I was down to 330 pounds? Well, it turns out that might have been about ten pounds premature. See, I got on the scale on Sunday and it read 340. So the way I see it, there’s one of two ways I can take that:

  1. Assume I gained 10 pounds last week.
  2. Assume I misread the display on the scale.

Option two seems the more realistic of the options. My eyes aren’t the best, after all, What with the Fuchs Dystrophy and all. More likely, since I was squinting a little at the display, it read 338 and I misread it.

Am I disappointed? Yeah, of course I am. But! I’m still wearing my belt tighter and my jeans are still loose, so it’s not all bad. And now that my foot is largely healed, I’m also going to start getting back to walking. So that’ll help.

Danger, Danger!

Sometimes, the trick to being at all successful with a diet and exercise program is to recognize the signs of impending trouble. Sadly, they don’t all come in the form of 1950s cinematic robots shrieking “danger, danger”. But, with practice, they become recognizable.

Case in point: I didn’t get up to go exercise this morning because I was tired and had a headache (which could have been caffeine withdrawal or, based on the way my mouth and throat felt, dehydration). And then I discovered I was nearly out of gas and had to drive all over creation looking for an open station at 5 am because the two 24-hour stations near my house were closed. So I grabbed breakfast at a drive-through and arrived at work utterly frazzled. And going through my mind was the thought “Well, my calorie budget is off to a bad start, so I may as well buy some M&Ms.”

Now, I didn’t buy them. Because I don’t need them in the slightest. But I had to argue with myself, and point out to myself that while I dented my calorie budget, it’s still recoverable. And even if I go over a little, I don’t need to go big bag of Peanut M&Ms over.

The temptation still lurks, if course. But this time I recognized it for what it was, and didn’t give into the impulse. Now all I have to do is remain aware, and be conscious of my decisions for the rest of the day.

Oh, and get to the gym after work. I still need to do that.

Thoughts On The Day Off

It’s Wednesday, which means I get my mid-week break from the dumbbell workout I’ve been doing. In an ideal world I would have still gotten up and gone walked my. After all, doing some cardio exercises n the down time is still a good idea. But I didn’t.

Why? Partly because I’ve still got a half-healed broken toe, which ached a little after the 5.12 miles I walked yesterday running errands. Partly because 3 am is early, and I didn’t want to get out of bed. And partly because of this nonsense:

That is my car (envy me my sweet ride) dusted with snow. I was walking around without a coat yesterday, and today there’s snow. Not a lot, honestly, but that’s not the point.

In other news, I noticed an interesting thing for the future of my work with the dumbbells. The set in my clubhouse goes escalates the pounds as follows: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and then a whopping one 50 pound dumbbells. So, yeah. That escalated rapidly. I mean, don’t get me wrong: I look forward to the day I’m doing my routine with the 40 pound weights. But that’s going to take some doing.

1.52… Something

I fell hard off the wagon last week, due to some family illness. I didn’t get my exercises in, I didn’t track my calories, I ate terribly, and generally I let myself go. So it wasn’t a particularly successful week, all things considered.

This week – in what I recognize is an ongoing resolution but I really mean it this time, honest – I’m going to try and change that. The illnesses continue, but I made my way over to the clubhouse and got my exercises in anyway. Yay, me!

I even did a little extra. Since I have the go-ahead from the doctor, I also hit the stationary bike there and did 1.52… something. The readout didn’t specify miles or kilometers, so I don’t know if I did one and a half miles or just about one mile. (For that matter, it just occurred to me that I don’t know if it was asking for pounds or kilograms when I entered my weight…)

Ah, well. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much. It was something, after all, and that’s infinitely more than nothing. And it’ll start getting me ready to start hiking for exercise again, so I’ll take it.

I Finally Caught A Break

Over the weekend, this happened.

If you can’t quite work out what that is, it’s my left foot. In a special medical shoe, because my third, fourth, and fifth toes are buddy taped together. Because I broke my fourth toe.

See, my son made a blanket tent in the living room, and anchored it with our five and ten pound dumbbells. Let me stress that this isn’t his fault! He pointed it out to me, and showed me the weights. I knew they were there. But then we played a video game for a while, and I forgot. Right up to the point that I was reminded of their existence by kicking the 10 pound weight.

So, now the toe is broken and I’ll be seeing an orthopedic doctor to find out how long it’ll take to heal and to make sure that it heals right. Which, of course, means I need to completely rebuild my exercise program – usually, walking is the crown jewel of my exercise, and that is right out for several weeks, if not a couple of months. I can walk, yes, but not 5.5 miles a day.

What that revised exercise program will look like is very much a work in progress right now. Crunches and leg lifts will be part of it, of course. I’ll also be looking into figuring out how to make use of the toe-breaking weights to exercise my arms and shoulders and the like. I’m not yet sure what else I’ll do, though. Most of the exercises I can think of involve standing in one way or another.

Well. Back to the drawing board.