Treadmills? Bah.

Man, treadmills are boring.

So yesterday, I found myself with half a mile to go for my walking goal.  Not a big deal, right?  I mean, the weather had been beautiful all day, so I figured I’d just grab the dog and any family members who wanted to go with me and I’d knock out that last short distance.  Except that, as I was making those plans, a storm started to roll in.  And while I don’t mind the rain, I don’t want to be out and strolling about in heavy rain and lightning (and, as it turned out, hail).  So, I went and hit the treadmill.

I got my mileage in, too.  5.36 miles in total for the day.  But wow, that last half mile was tedious.  I like actually moving, and seeing things change, and that just doesn’t happen on a treadmill.  Even with my headphones and my podcasts, it was slow and boring.

Needless to say, I’m still going to keep the treadmill in mind as an option.  It’s jut going to have to be an option of last resort.

Some things just don’t make sense

All right, here’s the situation.  I’m recovering nicely, but I’m not 100% better.  I’ve still got a few days on my prescriptions, and the doctor said to take it easy until they’re done.  And since I’m a big believer in paying attention to expert advice – particularly when I’ve paid for it – I’m trying to do just that.  But I really want to get back to exercising.  Because I feel better.  And even though I know I shouldn’t, because that way lies relapses and misery, it’s annoying me.

Go figure, right?

It’s especially tough because, although today’s going to be chilly, the forecast is for gorgeous weather through into next week.  Low 60s (isn’t this still February?) and sunny.  So even though I want to get out now, I’m using that to keep myself under control.  Because I really don’t want to be stuck inside in the weather that’s being promised.

*Inarticulate Sound of Rage*

I’m trying to remind myself that, for various reasons, I only hit my calorie goals three out of six days last week.  And that, for various reasons, I only managed to get in three days of exercise, and only hit my walking goals once.  Because I know that hitting those goals is essential to losing weight.  But it is frustrating to see no progress yet again.

All right.  Pity party over.  Let’s look at the good things.



I didn’t gain a whole lot.  Once again, I’m maintaining.

You know what?  It’s not making me feel any better.  So I’ll stop now, and try to be in a better mood tomorrow.

Stumbling Out Of The Gate

…or, maybe, I’ll start hitting my goals beginning today.

As you may have guessed from the title, and from that last sentence, yesterday was not a particularly productive day.  Little things snowballed, and snowballed, and snowballed.  For various reasons, some good and some not so good, I didn’t get a chance to do any walking at work.  Specifically, I missed walking on my first break thanks to some project work I was doing.  From there, it was really easy to justify not walking further by saying “well, I’m not hitting goal anyway…”

And yes, I know that’s a terrible excuse.  But, well, it’s what I did.  Then I didn’t do my exercises because I had to go pick up groceries.  And because there were some things my son needed help with.  And I made the mistake of snacking outside of my regular meals, so I didn’t hit my calorie goals.  All in all, not a productive day.

What did I learn from this?  First of all, don’t give up on your goals for the day because you missed one part of them.  Second, plan better.  Third, don’t go snacking hard.  Especially on high-calorie junk (duh, right?).  And fourth, don’t beat yourself up.  Just keep trying.

I think lesson four is the hardest to accept, oddly enough.

It’s A Wonder I’m Not Sick

The weather has been weird here, recently.  It’s January, right?  Let me check… yeah.  My phone and my computer agree that it is January 19.  So, that’s the first third of winter almost done.  I think all of us who live in the northern hemisphere can agree on that, yes?  Of course we can.

So, naturally, I have to check the temperature each day to see if I need a heavy winter coat or if I can get by with just a t-shirt.  Seriously.  Tuesday, I was walking around the nature trails at work with just a light jacket on – and I only needed that because of the high winds.  Two days later, it’s time for heavy coats again.  I know that Cincinnati weather is changeable, what with being built on a river and all, but this is ridiculous.

Still, it does have one great benefit.  I get to get outside more, on the warm days.  And I certainly like walking more, when I get to do it outside.  Doing laps in my office works, but it’s boring.

Harder Than I Expected

It turns out that my wifi/Bluetooth issue is entirely due to the death of a physical chip in my phone.  Which means, until I order the new one, that calorie tracking is… difficult, at best.  See, here’s the problem:  my cellular data plan is of middling quality, and it dislikes the FitBit app.  I tried to do a search for the thing I ate for breakfast, and it just sat and spun and told me it was loading for a good three minutes before I gave up.

As a result, I’ve got about a week of trying to manually track everything.  Which is tedious at best.

All right, all right.  I promise that this is the last time I’ll complain about this.  Tomorrow, I’ll write about something different.  Anything different.

Greyed Out

I’m feeling somewhat adrift on my goals right now.  Yesterday morning, my phone decided to cripple itself – wifi and Bluetooth decided to shut down and grey out so I couldn’t turn them back on.  So, I did what any reasonable human being would do.  I went to the Apple web site and checked their solutions.  First, it said, I needed to shut down and restart the network connection.  I did this, to no avail.  Then, it told me I needed to reset to factory specs and reinstall from backup.  I did this.


So, now I can’t effectively check what the heck my daily to-do list is.  Or get the information off my FitBit and onto my phone.  Or track my calorie intake.  Or, you know, anything.  Sure I’m taking it into the Apple store today to see if they can fix it, and I’m going to replace it if they can’t, but I feel adrift.  My phone is just a phone.  How on earth do I survive under such primitive conditions?

All right, I exaggerate.  It’s probably not a bad thing, taking an enforced break from the daily stream of social media I absorb.  But I’ll be glad to get it up and working again.