Not Too Bad

It turns out that, even when I’m not trying to walk a lot, I still walk a lot. According to my FitBit, I covered 4.77 miles while not making an effort to do anything special. Go figure, right?

Of course, according to my phone, I only walked 2.8 miles. Which is interesting, since I had it on me most of the day. I know that different pedometers have different sensitivities, but a two mile difference feels really strange.

Speaking of pedometers, I’ve found yet another walking game to liven up the day. It’s called The Walking Monster and doesn’t have a URL, but it looks like this:

Here’s how it works. You start with a 4,000 step lead, and you accrue steps as you walk. The monster slowly follows you, and if your lead ever drops to 0 it catches you. Also, I believe it starts getting faster over time.

That’s it, and I’ve had nightmares like this. But it adds an extra bit of fun to walking. Also, given that a movie got made about emojis recently, I figure it’ll be optioned for some sort of Dark App shared universe any time now.


5K Training: Week One, Complete!

My legs haven’t been this sore in years. I mean, they aren’t as bad as when I first started walking when I first started trying to lose weight, but… ouch. Stiff and aching, and I hobble a little when I stand up after sitting a while.

Is it ridiculous that I’m enjoying the sensation? Because I am – it feels like proof that I’m working hard. Well, that and all the sweat. I’m usually soaked by the time I finish.

It’s also nice because it’s helping me easily hit my walking goals. I’ve been averaging about 7 miles a day this week, and (thanks to a family walk) hit 8.49 miles last night. Yes, I kind of collapsed into bed at the end of the day. I rather think I earned it.

All of this goes a long way towards giving me a feeling of confidence that I’ll be seeing some positive results when I get on the scale tomorrow! Particularly since yesterday is the first day this week that I missed my calorie budget, and I only went over by about 40 calories!

So, I get the weekend to rest up. Then, come Monday, the 5K training gets harder. I’m looking forward to it!

Kind Of Hit And Miss

I didn’t get up and go walking this morning. Oh, I was awake at 3 am, but I’d had a late night (that I don’t regret), and just couldn’t muster the willpower to make myself get out and moving. The couch was so much more comfortable. I’m still planning on hitting my walking goal today, mind. It’ll just be a little harder without that 1.5 or so mile boost.

My weigh-on will be interesting, tomorrow. Why? Because I’ve had an awkward relationship with my calorie goals. I hit them most of the week, but when I missed them I missed them hard. So, we’ll see how things play out and then I’ll do what I need to do from there.

Despite that concern, I feel like I had a mostly successful week. Mostly. And regardless of what happens, I’ll keep working. Because, like I said way back in the hoary dawn of this blog, this isn’t a diet that I’m on. It’s an effort to change my life.

Moving Along

I forgot to weigh in this weekend. Not in a "I didn't want to deal with it" way, either. No, this was much more of a "I totally forgot" way. The weekend was busy, and I was tired, and Habitica didn't show up to remind me. So, it slipped my mind.

This should be an interesting week, though. Just like last week was all about getting my walking back on track, this week is going to be about the calorie budget. I'm going to hit it each day, without fail it excuse. Which feels tough, after the last several weeks, but it's doable. Because, really, when I checked my food logs its all been about they controlled snacking between meals If I cut that out, the rest of it follows naturally.

Well, except for my love of chocolate. I'll be grappling with that for a while yet.

Some Challenges Are Easier Than Others

I believe it was just yesterday that I mentioned my "donut struggle", yes? Well, I think I also mentioned the cookies. Six bags of Chips Ahoy-style chocolate chip cookies, sitting less than ten feet from my desk. I thought I'd have a terrible time of it, with those sitting there.

It turns out that I haven't. Mostly because o don't like them all that much. They're the crunchy kind, the ones that always taste slightly stale and which are generally inedible without milk. So, since I'm not currently struggling with stress eating, it's easy to declare that I don't like them and then ignore them.

Thank goodness they aren't Oreos.

Oh! how I hate to get up in the morning,

Oh! how Id love to remain in bed;

For the hardest blow of all, is to hear the bugler call;

you've got to get up, you've got to get up, you've got to get up this morning!

Some day I'm going to murder the bugler,

Some day they're going to find him dead;

Ill amputate his reveille, and step upon it heavily,

And spend the rest of my life in bed.

That's pretty much how I felt this morning. My alarm went off, and I just wanted to toss my phone across the room and go back to sleep. My bed was so comfy, and I was tired, and I didn't wanna.

I got up anyway. And I sort of regretted it. It was warm and sticky outside, and I started sweating uncomfortably within seconds. But then, as I hit my stride, my attitude changed. I started enjoying myself again, started appreciating the quiet and the enthusiasm of my dog (who woke up with me today and was super excited to go for a walk), and had myself a good time. More importantly, it got the day off to a great start.

I'm still excited about not having to get up tomorrow, though. Maybe I'll sleep in. You know, all the way to 5 am.

Rain. Rain, and Treadmills

I didn’t get in quite as much walking this morning as I have on other mornings. For a couple of reasons. I was running a little late, so I didn’t get out the door until 3:15 – not so bad, in and of itself. But there was rain drizzling down, so I figured this morning would be a treadmill day and went back inside to get the clubhouse key.

When I got back out, the heavens had opened and water was falling in great gouts. It was coming down so hard that, even with an umbrella, I was soaked by the time I made the 3 minute walk to the clubhouse. And it was 3:30 by the time I hit the treadmill.  So I only got 1.5 miles of walking in (well, 1.75 with the walk to and from the clubhouse). Which is still pretty good, but it just wasn’t quite as much fun as the other days. Treadmills are a little boring, and the workout room is warmer than I like. Give me the outdoors any day.

Still, the treadmill was better than nothing. And I’ll probably appreciate the warmth come winter, right?