You Take The Good, You Take The Bad

You take it all and then you have…  Well, if you’re my age, you have a flashback moment to an annoying sitcom from the 80s.  Which was, if you stop and think about it, thirty years ago.  Which goes to show how much television I watch these days, if a bunch of my pop culture references are three decades out of date.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about the facts of life.  I’m here to reflect on my week, which is a combination of good and bad.  To the good, I’ve hit my walking goal every day so far and most of my exercise goals.  To the bad, I’ve been sort of ignoring my calorie budget.  I was good with it one day, came near it two other days, and sort of blew through it two more days.  So, I’m thinking I probably held my ground on the weight.  Which is the bad, because I really wanted to see some progress this week.  Still, life happens.

I’m not moping, though.  I’m just trying to recognize that I made some mistakes, and to figure out why.  And most of that “why” comes down to “poor planning”.  I didn’t plan out making my breakfasts and lunches in advance, so I had to eat out.  And that leads to eating more than I should.  Also, having cash or a debit card on me makes snacking easier.  And if I’m already primed by eating out, it’s a whole lot harder to discipline myself and not snack.

Long story short, I need to prep my meals in advance for next week.  Important lesson, that.

Emotionally, I Want A Cookie!

Yesterday marked four successive days of hitting my calorie budget, and three successive days of hitting my current walking goal.  And you know what?  I feel great!  I’ll admit the walking has been a little bit of a struggle, because I love reading and I’d gotten used to sitting and reading on my breaks and lunch again, but I’m remembering how much I really enjoy walking during work.  It’s a nice antidote to all the sitting I do, and it’s a good stress relief.

Not that my job is hugely stressful, mind.  But it’s still nice to get up and away from the desk for a while.

The calorie budget has been a little bit more of a struggle, though.  Not that I specifically want to overeat for the sake of overeating, mind.  Most days, at least.  But I really do love the taste of chocolate, and cookies, and things like that.  However, I recognize that these things should be an occasional treat instead of a dietary staple.  Intellectually, I recognize this.  Emotionally, I wanna cookie!

But still, things are going well.  And my pants, which were feeling a little tight recently, have started to loosen up again!  I must be going the right direction!

A Little Good, A Little Bad

For the first time  for since getting back on the exercise bandwagon, I hit my walking goal!  Heck, I nearly hit my stretch goal (5.5 miles) while I was at it.  How did I do it?  Simple, really – I got up and went walking during my breaks, and I started parking at the top of the parking garage again. It makes me walk farther, so I get in more steps and increase my odds of hitting goal (significantly increases, apparently).  My legs are just a touch sore right now, a symptom of having gotten out of practice, but it’s that kind of paradoxical soreness that feels good because you got it from working hard.

On the down side, I kind of blew through my calorie budget yesterday.  I made the mistake of eating out for lunch (breakfast, to most people), and it turns out that Chik Fil A breakfast biscuits have all the calories.  All of them.  They’re good, but… wow.  650 per sandwich.  I’m not saying I won’t do that again, mind, but next time I’ll plan for it.

Still and all, I feel good.  Really good.

Well. That Was Weird.

I would have sworn I made my walking goal, yesterday.  So much so, in fact, that I was ready to write an excited post about how I’d managed to hit it.  But then, checking my FitBit, I see that I only did 3.98 miles yesterday.  I was hallucinating, maybe?

Seems a strange hallucination to have.  But, well, there you are.

Still, I think I’ll have some success to report once I weigh in tomorrow.  I’ve done an overall decent job of hitting my calorie budget, after all (even if I did go over a little a couple of days).  So I’ve got that to look forward to.  And then, next week, I work part of my daily exercise routine back into my week!

Breathing. It’s A Wonderful Thing.

I didn’t quite make goal yesterday, but I made a whole lot of progress!  I managed 4.18 miles, 0.32 short but a mile more than I’ve been able to do the last couple of weeks.  Oh, and I wasn’t wheezing and gasping for breath after each short walking session, which means the allergy medication is really working out.  (It also means that I’m sleeping better, which also goes a long way towards being willing and able to exercise.)

With all that in mind, here’s my goal for the day:  I’m hitting my walking goal, and I’m hitting my calorie budget.  Oh, and I’m going to have fun doing it.

Feelings of Triumph

I hit all of my exercise goals yesterday!  That’s stretching, and bodyweight, and walking!  I feel really good!  I’d feel even better if I’d hit my calorie budget as well, but that’s my focus for today and I’m not letting it distract from my feelings of triumph!  I did it!

As I said, today’s goal is to hit my exercise targets and to also hit my calorie budget.  All of that should be easily doable, because I packed my breakfast and lunch today.  That’s the bacon, egg, and cheese burritos (two, for a total of 736 calories), a ham and cheese wrap and an apple for lunch (371 calories for the wrap, and an estimated 81 calories for the apple), and 2 oz of homemade chocolate fudge (220 calories) as a snack.  Because it’s better to plan for a little sugar than to go and buy it.

So, yes.  I’m clearly feeling good.  And I’m feeling excited about all of this.

This One Simple Trick Stops Snacking Cold!

Don’t carry cash.

No, really, that’s the simple trick.  For me, at least.  See, although I’m off to a strong start with getting back to my exercising, I just noticed that I haven’t hit my calorie budget for the first three days of this week.  Mostly because I haven’t been as dedicated to packing my meals as I should have been, which translates into eating out.  And that also allows for thoughtless snacking, because I’ve got the ability to make purchases.

So I put an end to that.  I made sure to pack my breakfast and lunch today, and left the cash at home.  My theory is that, if I can’t buy a snack, I can’t eat a snack.  And it seems pretty fool-proof to me.  Which is what I need, right at this minute.