Today’s The Day!

It really is. For real, this time, I’m getting back to work. Really. Stop judging me!

Seriously, though, I really am gonna by to make the effort today. I have this feeling of motivation that comes from having confronted – if not fully resolved, yet – a few of the issues that have been holding me back. Things aren’t perfect yet, but if I make the mistake of waiting until everything is perfect then I’ll never get started.

So, my plan. First, continue to pack my meals and not carry cash until I’ve broken myself of the urge to eat out. Second, walk on each of my breaks at work. Third, get out and walk after dinner, once we’ve cleaned up the kitchen. Once I’ve made a consistent habit of that, call it two to three weeks of consistency, I’ll look at adding in a few more goals.

For now, though, it’s back to basics. And I feel all right with that.


Hey, Everyone

It’s been… what? About a week since my last update? Something like that, anyway. Far too long for my tastes, really. Particularly since this blog exists as much for my own accountability as anything else.

So. Where am I at? The bad news is, of course, that I’m up to 345 pounds as if my weigh-in yesterday. The good news, though, is that I’ve managed to go four days in a row eating within my calorie budget! Comfortably within my calorie budget at that. And I’m working hard on getting back on track with my walking goals, so I feel comfortable with declaring that 345 pound figure a high water mark.

Now, where do I go from here? Well, more of the same for now. Cool and eat my meals at home, stay within my calorie budget, walk a lot, and spin my staff. Nothing fancy yet, not while I’m getting back on track. Not during summer vacation, at least. I’d rather use the time to play with my son and go on evening walks with my wife and go on family adventures.

There’s Always Something

Staying within my calorie budget has gone pretty well, although today may prove an exception. There were chocolate chip cookies at work, and I did my duty by them, so yeah. Maybe not today. But I’m going to try.

Exercising hasn’t happened. Between some (good) family stuff, and acclimating to the increased levels of hemoglobin in my caffeine system, I haven’t yet developed the energy or ambition to do my walking, or my weights, or anything. I’m going to try next week, but next week I’m also getting my floors redone (goodbye trashed old carpets, hello good quality laminate), so I might not have time. We’ll see.

I don’t feel frustrated, though. Because I know that, even if I don’t get started until the week after next, I’ll be getting started soon. Also, eating at home is making me feel better and more optimistic. Even if the garlicky shrimp with rice dish I made last night was, in a word, disappointing.

I Did Say It’d Take Some Time, Right?

That sounds more on boys than I intended, doesn’t it? Yesterday actually went all right. Not perfect, but all right. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Exercise: I didn’t do my weights (we misplaced the key to the workout room), but I did walk 5.12 miles (beating my current “get back in shape” goal 🥅 f 4.5 miles). So, that was an okay performance.
  • Calorie Budget: I missed my calorie goal, partly from a failure to plan causing me to eat out and partly because there were chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts at work. On the positive side, though, I was far more restrained with the brownies than their deliciousness warranted, so things could have been s lot worse.

I’m planning for today to go better, though. I managed to pack my breakfast today, and dinner is already planned. Also, it’s early in the morning and I’m nearly a mile into my walking goal (thanks to getting back to parking in the bad spots on purpose). So now I just need to be reasonable with lunch and follow through on my walking goal, and I should be fine.

Looking Forward To A Better Week

After the last few days, that’s how it felt when I woke up this morning. I won’t go into a whole lot of details, but last week was rough. And as everyone who’s been reading this blog for a while knows, when the going gets rough Rich – unfortunately – gets high-calorie comfort food.

I really should develop a better stress management technique, shouldn’t I?

But! As they say, today is a new day! And despite the temperature being chilly this morning it’s supposed to get into the upper 50s today. Not bad at all, especially when you consider that this was the view from my condo two days ago:

So, what is my plan? Pretty much what it was last week:

  • Walk 4.5 miles each day
  • Do my warmup stretches each day
  • Perform my dumbbell workout on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Track my calorie intake
  • Stay within my calorie budget

In theory, none of that is hard. Now to prove it!

Danger, Danger!

Sometimes, the trick to being at all successful with a diet and exercise program is to recognize the signs of impending trouble. Sadly, they don’t all come in the form of 1950s cinematic robots shrieking “danger, danger”. But, with practice, they become recognizable.

Case in point: I didn’t get up to go exercise this morning because I was tired and had a headache (which could have been caffeine withdrawal or, based on the way my mouth and throat felt, dehydration). And then I discovered I was nearly out of gas and had to drive all over creation looking for an open station at 5 am because the two 24-hour stations near my house were closed. So I grabbed breakfast at a drive-through and arrived at work utterly frazzled. And going through my mind was the thought “Well, my calorie budget is off to a bad start, so I may as well buy some M&Ms.”

Now, I didn’t buy them. Because I don’t need them in the slightest. But I had to argue with myself, and point out to myself that while I dented my calorie budget, it’s still recoverable. And even if I go over a little, I don’t need to go big bag of Peanut M&Ms over.

The temptation still lurks, if course. But this time I recognized it for what it was, and didn’t give into the impulse. Now all I have to do is remain aware, and be conscious of my decisions for the rest of the day.

Oh, and get to the gym after work. I still need to do that.

1.52… Something

I fell hard off the wagon last week, due to some family illness. I didn’t get my exercises in, I didn’t track my calories, I ate terribly, and generally I let myself go. So it wasn’t a particularly successful week, all things considered.

This week – in what I recognize is an ongoing resolution but I really mean it this time, honest – I’m going to try and change that. The illnesses continue, but I made my way over to the clubhouse and got my exercises in anyway. Yay, me!

I even did a little extra. Since I have the go-ahead from the doctor, I also hit the stationary bike there and did 1.52… something. The readout didn’t specify miles or kilometers, so I don’t know if I did one and a half miles or just about one mile. (For that matter, it just occurred to me that I don’t know if it was asking for pounds or kilograms when I entered my weight…)

Ah, well. I guess it doesn’t matter all that much. It was something, after all, and that’s infinitely more than nothing. And it’ll start getting me ready to start hiking for exercise again, so I’ll take it.