Mixed Feelings About The Day Off

As I’ve said previously, my current exercise schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Everything I read about using weights, even light weights, says I need to take a day off every 1-2 days (although the one-on one-off program seems to be for intensive weight training). So, because I don’t want to add strained muscles to my woes, today is a day off.

It feels weird. I mean, I know I’m not slacking. But I also know that my walking program (when I could do it) called for me to hit 5.5 miles a day five days a week. So, right now, part of me feels like a slacker. I’m not letting it get to me, mind. But it feels really strange.

Also, do you want a few tips on exercising leg muscles you don’t normally use? Try limping. My goodness, but my legs ache from the unusual walking pattern. I don’t know if it actually is dervish, but I’d hate to think I’ve got all these aches for nothing.


Two Days On, One Day Off

Everything I read about using weights days I should be taking a break between workouts, as a way to let my muscles recover. However, with my 10 lb weights, I concluded that the recommendation to exercise one day and take the next off was a little… questionable. So, my plan is exercise Monday and Tuesday, take Wednesday off, and exercise Thursday and Friday.

Perfect? I don’t know. But by the time I’m trying to do significantly more weight my foot will probably (hopefully) be healed, so I’ll be changing up the exercise program again anyway. And it doesn’t have to be perfect anyway. It just had to be good enough, and be more than I’ve Ben doing. A reasonable exercise program right now is, after all, superior to the perfect program never.

I still can’t wait to get back to walking, though.

Some Days You Just Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Days like today, for instance. I was totally congested when I woke up, and it was only 10 degrees outside so I knew I wasn’t going walking, and I didn’t make my calorie budget anyway, so I really wanted to just lay around and sleep until 4. It was comfy in bed, and warm, and while I probably wouldn’t be breathing any easier I didn’t think i’d be breathing any worse.

I got up anyway. And, after wrestling with myself for a bit, I did my exercises anyway. It wasn’t anywhere near as much fun as walking (one-legged bridge and side bridges, I’m looking at you here), but I was glad I’d done them when I finished. Or, at least, I was glad I was done. Not quite the same thing, I know, but there you are.

So now, despite the congestion and the sub-freezing temperatures, I’m feeling pretty good right now. Accomplished, even. Now, all I have to do is hit my calorie budget and figure out how to walk 5.5 miles in… hand in, let me check…

Oh. Oh, my. The temperature dropped. It’s 5 degrees now, with a projected high of 16.

Walking. It’ll be a challenge today.

Good Grief

I know it’s coincidence, all right. I know that things don’t really go wrong with greater frequency, just because I’m trying to get my health goals back on track. But sometimes, I can’t help but feel that’s exactly what happens. Because one thing going wrong snowballs into a whole slew of things.

No, don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a play-by-play if my day yesterday. Suffice it to say that my car unexpectedly went back to the shop, which led to eating out mire and not getting my exercises and n (except the walking). Oh, and I didn’t get up and walk this morning, because I was tired after the two vents of yesterday. Too much drive no wears me out.

So what’s next? Well, historically, I might haves said something like “this week’s shot, so I’ll restart on Monday”. That, however, is a terrible idea – it leads to the perpetual motion “I’ll start tomorrow” problem. Rather than do that, I’ll just go ahead and get back up on my goals today. Walking, exercise, all that. Not because I have to or else I’ll be a failure, but because I want to. I mean, seriously. I know I feel better when I exercise and eat right, so I don’t need to guilt myself into it. (Or, more likely, guilt myself about it while I wallow in misery over not doing it.)

Yeah. I like that plan. Start today, and enjoy the walking and exercise.

Jumping Jacks. Just… Wow, They Suck

Overall, I think I’ve done a pretty good job of sticking with that “flat belly workout” I described recently. I missed one day last week, and I’ve done them yesterday and today. I’m still feeling it all in my legs and arms and gut – it’s not painful or aching, but there’s a definite awareness that I’ve been working this muscles. Also, not surprisingly, my belly isn’t particularly flattened yet. It’s only been a week and a half, after all.

Jumping jacks are terrible, though.

Seriously. By the time I get my 40 done, ‘m winded. I didn’t expect that part. I was prepared for my knees to hurt, or my legs. Not to be left breathing hard and contemplating the poor life decisions that brought me to that point. Which means, of course, that they’re probably good for me. But if I thought I could get away with it and still get the benefits, I’d ditch them in a heartbeat.

Ah, well. Enough whining. I’m going to keep at it, so I may as well get comfortable with them. Maybe they’ll get easier as time goes on?

Changing Standards

It was, what, three weeks ago when I saw a 46 degree temperature and sad it was too cold to go walking outside? Four weeks, maybe? Whatever, the exact time isn’t important. What is important is that the temperature outside this morning was 35 degrees. I bundled up to walk to the gym, got outside, and said “eh. This isn’t bad. And then I walked 1.5 miles outside. Go figure, right?

It probably helped that the air was still and dry, though. If the wind had been blowing, or if it had been that clammy sort of wet damp, I’d have gone straight to the treadmill. The workout room has heat, after all. But the weather was good, particularly for 35 degree temperatures, and I really enjoyed the walk. Especially since I nearly didn’t go. It was all warm and comfy in bed, after all, and 3 am comes really early in the morning.

Oh, while I’m thinking about it, let’s check in on my Monster! Last time, on October 5, I was 81,662 steps from being eaten. And now?

It seems I’ve increased my lead. By just a little. So, I’m probably safe for now.

One Simple Trick For A Flat Belly

What’s this? Clickbait? No, not really – this is about getting back on my exercise regimen. See, a few weeks ago, I saw this on Twitter:

From the context, it was clearly a sarcastic rejoinder to the stupid “one simple trick” posts you see everywhere. The “simple trick” here s, clearly, exercise. A lot.

So naturally I looked at that and said “hey! That looks like a pretty good exercise program!” And then, yesterday, I did it.

Sort of.

See, I’m just not in the shape to do all that. Not yet, anyway. What I managed was 40 jumping jacks, 40 crunches, 20 squats, 20 leg lifts, 20 push-ups (on my knees), 10 sit-ups (that we’re more like aggressive crunches), and 24 seconds of planking. You add all that to walking 5.5 miles a day and 15 minutes of stretching exercises, and you get a pretty solid workout.

For the next two weeks I plan to do the same number I did yesterday. After that, I’m going to start slowly increasing the target number for each exercise. Currently I think I’ll do the increase weekly, but I’ll have to decide if that’s too ambitious once I start increasing things – I mean, right now I’m feeling them in my gut and thighs and chest and arms. So they’re clearly working, and stretching myself is good. I just don’t want to push too hard. After all, as the shirt says: