On The Up Side

Just as I posted the last entry, this popped up in my email:

So, yeah. That felt good.


Double-Dipping On Day Three

First of all, I’m glad to announce that day three is a success! I have eaten within my calorie budget (despite not packing my lunch and taking it), done my pushups and sit-ups, and gotten in a half hour of Taekwondo practice! I feel great!

A little sore, but great.

Amusingly, the last eight minutes we’re practicing with my bo staff. Why? Partly because I wanted to, and partly because at 22 minutes I was flagging and couldn’t face another iteration of basic forms or poomse. So I grabbed my staff, because it was a beautiful 60 degree spring evening out.

Why amusingly? Well, longer-term reader of this blog may remember that I’ve also taken up Kung Flow, a contact staff juggling program. It turns out that at least one bo staff move is identical to a contact staff technique called the figure eight. So, I get to double dip!


Relaxing Into Success

One thing my Taekwondo instructor tells me all the time is to relax. The secret, he says, is to stay loose. To move like a whip, flowing until the moment of impact. It’s a lesson that I am still struggling to learn.

I think I got it today, though. A little bit.

Remember how I was talking about Bob Ross yesterday, and how that inspired me to exercise? Well, that same feeling followed me all through the day. I ate within my calorie budget because I wanted to, not because I had to. I got up and went walking on my breaks, not to tick off a check box on a chore list but because it felt good.

In short, I relaxed. And then the things I really wanted to do came easily.

It was a good day.

Checking Back In

I’ll start with the good news first: when I weighed in yesterday, I was at 338.2 lbs! I haven’t weighed in at that since this time last year, and I’m feeling pretty good about that! Particularly since I was braced for a weight gain, and got a pleasant surprise instead. I guess the Taekwando practice is paying off?

And, yes, Taekwando is still a thing my son and I are doing. We do an hour class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and we try to put in about half an hour of practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every session, I walk away noticing muscles I’ve never noticed before. Trying to get all those stances right is hard work.

Oh, and then there was yesterday. We went as a family to the Cincinnati Nature Center, because my wife was (at the time) three trails away from hiking all of the trails they have. It was a cool but pleasant November day, and it seemed like a fun family outing So we hit the Fernwood trail, which was described as “difficult”. It actually turned out to be the most difficult trail they had. But we all finished it – me, my wife, and our eight-year-old son! Our son was actually ready to run around by the time we got home. Me? I was ready to sit.

So. A good few weeks. From here on out I’m going to work on getting back on the daily update cycle (for real), so I’ll talk to all of you tomorrow!

Slow And Steady

Yesterday was, in terms of my goals, a repeat of Monday. I didn’t get all my walking in (only managing 4.8 miles), but I hit everything else. So, pretty good in the grand scheme of things. I’m certainly not going to complain about being mostly successful.

I also started adding in some exercises. It’s been a while, so I’m trying out the Foundation Light program from Darebee.com, a 30-day program designed to ease you back into regular exercise. Each day has 4-5 different exercises, and I’m doing three reps of each one. When I finish, I may go back though it again at five reps. Or try a different routine, if I find this one tedious.

Also, my son declared a dance party last night – he got my wife to give him her phone, cranked up some music, and started seven-year-old dancing. He’s… well, he’s got better moves than I do, to tell the truth. But hey, we had fun.

What Did You See?

“What did you see?” asked my wife when I got back from my walk last night. Before I could answer, though, we were distracted by my highly energetic seven year old son. So the question slipped my mind until this morning.

I drove myself over to the Anderson Township Government Center, which looks like this:

It’s pretty over there, and there’s a nice walking trail, and there are also Pokestops to amuse the (large) part of me that lives playing video games. And there’s that pond there in the picture, which is nice.

You can’t see it well in the picture (maybe I’ll take some of my own and post them sometime), but there’s two ways to cross the pond. One is a bridge, and the other is a set of stairs that leads down to the water’s edge and a series of blocks in the water that you can walk on. Whenever possible, I use the latter.

Yesterday, as I’m walking down the stairs, I see a goose. Not really surprising, I see them all the time there. But usually, they’re swimming. This one, though, was about six inches above the water, neck chained upwards, flapping and slowly gaining altitude as it soared above the surface of the pond. I stopped walking and watched it go, clear mining above the grass and into the sky.

I also got my walking in. But that is what stuck with me.

Oh? Well…

In case you missed it, I updated yesterday’s post with a picture of an ice cream sundae and my significant doubts that I was going to stay within my calorie budget.

It turns out that I managed it. Barely, but I managed it. Partly thanks to this dinner:

That is the shredded pork I mentioned yesterday, made into tacos with baby spinach and home-grown Roma tomatoes (I have two pots in my back porch). They were tasty, filling, and came in at 480 calories in total.

On top of that, I got all my walking in and managed half an hour of swimming with my son. (Swimming always ends up being so much ch more exercise than I expect.). So now I feel really good about having managed to beat the Wednesday curse.

Now to keep going!