Getting the Pulse Rate Up

Just about 6 weeks ago, I took the second level of the Certified Equity Professional examination – which I may have mentioned more than once because it crippled my exercise program and drove significant stress eating. I logged on to their website today to see if the scores were posted, since I coordinated it locally and several people asked.

I saw a 0 under "score".

Several seconds later, of course, it registered that it also showed a passing score of 0 and an outcome of "pending results", but still. That was a bad several seconds.

What does any if that have to do with exercise and weight loss? Pretty much nothing. But, hey! I hit my walking goals yesterday, and went swimming for an hour. Well, technically, I want wading while my son used me as an ambulatory pool toy, but it still amounted to some solid exercise. So I'm feeling pretty good.

Particularly now that my heart's restarted.


Maybe I Was A Touch Premature…

Remember how pleased I was with myself yesterday, for managing to hit a short streak in my walking and calorie budget goals?  Yeah, well, uhm.  See.  I didn’t hit either one.  Things came up at work, and then I had to run by the grocery store, and there were Cadbury Creme Eggs for sale.  And, well, I sort of ate some.  Three of them.

Well, maybe I do.  A little.  But I really do love those creme eggs.

Still, I’m not beaten!  One off day is not the end of the world, after all.  So today, I’ll just be back on task and back on track.  After all, I don’t have any reason to go to the grocery store today.