Ow. My Thighs!

I was going to write this yesterday, but was distracted by the whole not feeling well thing. So, here goes.

Saturday, I got back to work with the same personal trainer I've used in the past. And, after I described my frustrations with having fallen off the exercise wagon and regaining 25 pounds, she decided that the best thing to do was ease me back into exercise by killing me.

All right, all right, that last part was sheer hyperbole. But I haven't done any squats or push-ups or anything in months, and they are hard when you haven't kept up. So now I have aches I muscles that haven't been accustomed to aching for a while. And the fun part? I figure that, around the time the aches go away, she'll change things up and make me work harder.

Yeah. What I'm saying is that I needed this.

Not A Good Start To The Day

Here. Let me show you something.

That's what I saw when I woke up a 3 this morning. 78 degrees, with humidity like a wet blanket spread out over my condo complex. Faced with that, I simply couldn't work up the enthusiasm to go for a two mile walk. Heck, I couldn't find the enthusiasm to walk as far as the treadmill.

I am not particularly inspirational today. Just hot and sticky.

Getting the Pulse Rate Up

Just about 6 weeks ago, I took the second level of the Certified Equity Professional examination – which I may have mentioned more than once because it crippled my exercise program and drove significant stress eating. I logged on to their website today to see if the scores were posted, since I coordinated it locally and several people asked.

I saw a 0 under "score".

Several seconds later, of course, it registered that it also showed a passing score of 0 and an outcome of "pending results", but still. That was a bad several seconds.

What does any if that have to do with exercise and weight loss? Pretty much nothing. But, hey! I hit my walking goals yesterday, and went swimming for an hour. Well, technically, I want wading while my son used me as an ambulatory pool toy, but it still amounted to some solid exercise. So I'm feeling pretty good.

Particularly now that my heart's restarted.


I was not joking yesterday when I said that chasing my 6-year-old around the pool was good exercise. It especially exercises my arms and shoulders. And that's a good thing, really, because they don't get as much exercise as my legs.

See, my son loves jumping into the deep end of the pool. However, he can't really swim very well without his floaty, and he doesn't like getting his head underwater. So, he jumps to me and I catch him. Usually, he shouts "cannonball!" as he does this. And then I end up with water splashed into my face and a laughing child in my arms.

Yeah, I love it. Even if I do get tired of wiping chlorinated water out of my eyes.

Oh, I also hit my calorie budget yesterday! Yay me!

I Know Kung-fu!

All right, so I don't. Not at all. But I did try out a Tai Chi DVD as my exercise program yesterday (instead of the workout cards), and it turned out to be pretty good exercise. The slow movements make your muscles work more than you'd think.

It'll clearly take some work to be any good at it, though. About halfway through, I found myself with the wrong foot forward, trying to figure out exactly how it had happened. I thought I'd been following the instructions in the video, but there I was. Still, it was fun and relaxing and a pretty solid workout, so I'll be trying it again.

Jet Li, however, I am not.

A Bit Of A Mixed Week

Last week wasn’t quite as productive as I would have wanted, but I’m all right with that. It was a “getting back on track” sort of week. I hit my walking goal every day except Monday, which wasn’t too bad when you consider that I didn’t start getting up to walk at 3 AM until Tuesday.  So, good job there.

I only hit my exercise goals 50% of the time, which translates into two out of four days.  Not great, but I’m back to working with a personal trainer on Saturday so that should get me back on track. Also, things are calming enough now that I should be able to get back to swimming with my son. And if you don’t think that’s exercise, you’ve obviously never spent two hours chasing an active 6-year-old who wants you to play.

On the calorie front, I didn’t do very well and I’ll just leave it at that. His week, since I now have a good walking routine built up, I’m going to focus on that part of of my program.

Of course I’ll succeed!  Why wouldn’t I?