Heading Into The Weekend

Something cool happened yesterday. Well, two cool things. The first is that I realized that I still get to walk home with my son after school. The bus drops him off about halfway between our condo and his old kindergarten, so we still get to look at lizards and talk about things as we head home. (There’s also exercise, because he likes to climb up in a retaining wall and jump so I can catch him. 60 pounds of flying 6 year old is a workout.)

Here’s the second cool thing. After he put his backpack back on, he yelled “catch me daddy!” and took off running down the sidewalk. So I took off running after him, and chased him about 150 or 200 feet. When I stopped, which I only did because I’m not entirely confident in my ability to make a sharp turn and transition from concrete to grass yet), I realized something: I wasn’t winded. Not in the slightest.

It’s a little thing, but it felt good. Even better, I’d realized that I could have run farther if I’d been inclined.



I Really Can’t Wait For Monday

You don’t see that particular sentence written with any frequency, do you? People, as a general rule, hate Mondays – mostly because it’s the traditional first day of the work week, and it is a ritual to hate on your job and having to get back to it.

I try not to join in. I happen to like my job. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is, I’m really looking forward to Monday. Why? Because, after two weeks of inactivity, I’ll (finally) be getting back to my morning walk! I’ve really missed it, despite how insane it sounds to go for a 1.5 To 2 mike walk at 3 am. It starts my day off right, and I just feel better for having done it.

Of course, I also feel better for having taken the time to rest up and recover from being sick. So I’m not angry at myself or anything like that. I’m just eager to get back to exercising.

Speaking of exercising, I had a sort of “aaawww” moment with my son last night. We’re eating dinner (out, thanks to the chicken having taken a funny turn), and he puts down his taco and looks at me. “Dad,” he asks, “when you go exercise on the weekend, can I go too?”

“Sure,” I say, smiling. “How come.”

“Because I want to get more exercise. I want to be like you, daddy.”

How can you say no to that? But it was also a reminder that he’s watching what I do. So, I need to remember to stress that all of this work is about health, not just weight loss.

Not Too Bad

It turns out that, even when I’m not trying to walk a lot, I still walk a lot. According to my FitBit, I covered 4.77 miles while not making an effort to do anything special. Go figure, right?

Of course, according to my phone, I only walked 2.8 miles. Which is interesting, since I had it on me most of the day. I know that different pedometers have different sensitivities, but a two mile difference feels really strange.

Speaking of pedometers, I’ve found yet another walking game to liven up the day. It’s called The Walking Monster and doesn’t have a URL, but it looks like this:

Here’s how it works. You start with a 4,000 step lead, and you accrue steps as you walk. The monster slowly follows you, and if your lead ever drops to 0 it catches you. Also, I believe it starts getting faster over time.

That’s it, and I’ve had nightmares like this. But it adds an extra bit of fun to walking. Also, given that a movie got made about emojis recently, I figure it’ll be optioned for some sort of Dark App shared universe any time now.

Taking It Easy

Wow, that was an awful week. I made it in to work on Friday, started dragging again on Saturday, slept 12 or 13 hours on Sunday, and ended up taking Monday off because I was dragging hard Sunday evening.

Naturally enough, I was feeling fine by midday on Monday.

So, here’s where I’m at. I’m just recovering fro being awfully sick, so I’m not pushing myself. The 5K training is off the table until next Monday. Heck, I’m not even going to push myself to hit my 5.5 mile walking goal until then. I’ll walk on my usual daily schedule (sans hitting the treadmill each morning) and if I happen to hit that goal I’ll be fine with it. But it’s not mandatory.

Hitting my calorie goal is still mandatory, though.

Also, after talking to my wife, my exercise goals beyond walking are on hold until November 6. (Well, I say “talking”, but it was more like “arguing until I realized she had a really, really good point”…) See, I’m studying for the third(and final) level of my Certified Equity Professional certification, and that is a lot of work. Exercise and weight loss needs to be a secondary goal for the next eight weeks. So I’ll still be walking for stress relief, and doing some stretches, and watching what I eat. But the rest of my energy goes to studying.

Man. I can’t wait for this to be over.

Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Well, I’m feeling better now. Not 100% or anything, mind, but better. Certainly better than I felt when I tried my abortive return to work on Wednesday. Slow and steady does it, right?

Anyway, this week will probably be a net wash for me. I generally ate within my calorie budget, I think. I mean, there’s a bunch of calories in orange juice and grape juice, and I didn’t really track any of that. But I don’t care, not really. My goal was just to get healthy again, not to exercise or lose weight or anything. I figure I probably maintained, and that’s all right.

My tentative plan is to get back to exercising on Monday. That’s a tentative plan, mind, and it depends heavily on how I’m feeling. I don’t want to delay my 5K training or anything, but I’d rather delay it and be healthy than stupidly push myself and relapse.

Better. A Little, Anyway

After spending most of Monday morning unable to breathe and most of Tuesday asleep, I’m… better. Not a lot, mind you. But better. Better enough that I dragged myself into work at least, but just bad enough that I wish I felt better. Or that I felt worse enough to justify taking more time off.

Anyway, I’m more or less back among the living. Exercise and walking – let alone the 5K training I started last week – are off the table for the rest of the week, though. I can breathe, and I can function, and not much more.

But, hey. Not having an appetite makes it easier to hit my calorie goals! As bright sides go, that’s pretty dim. But I’ll take it right now. Anything to feel better, right?