Everybody Walk The Dinosaur

Sorry about going dark, everyone. Last week was my son’s spring break, so I went on vacation.

T. rex is an incredible motivator

Whilst on vacation, I took the whole week off. I ate out with my family. I didn’t think about hitting any of my goals. I just relaxed and did what I wanted.

I lost 0.5 pounds.

Now, I’m not saying that being a couch potato is a good health strategy. But I am saying that relaxation is a good health strategy. I feel great, now! Energized and enthusiastic and ready to hit my goals.

Although, admittedly, it is hard to get back on the calorie counting after a week break. But I hit my goal today! Yay me!


Healthy Choices Are Important

Despite having to eat out for dinner, I came in under my calorie budget! Yay! And even though I didn’t get my Taekwondo practice in, I did walk almost 6 miles again – mostly through the simple practice of going outside and walking around my building on each break.

So, yeah. I feel good. And possibly more importantly, I’m remembering that my daily activities aren’t my goal. My goal is health, and the daily activities are just pre-planned ways to achieve that goal. So, if I don’t get my Taekwondo practice in but I do walk six miles? That’s still a healthy activity.

It seems like a valuable lesson.

I Could Beat Myself Up

I really could, and it would be super easy. After all, I fell hard off my goals last week and didn’t adhere to my calorie budget and gained three pounds as a result. Beating myself up and giving up would be incredibly easy.

I’m not going to do that, though.

Here’s the reality of the situation: I’m just now trying to embrace (reembrace?) living a healthy lifestyle and making choices that will guide me towards that lifestyle. I’m going to get distracted from time to time. But that’s not a reason to give up, because a healthy lifestyle isn’t a goal to be reached. It’s a change in the way I live.

So, I’m not beating myself up. Instead, I dusted myself off and walked a little over six miles. Because I wanted to. And I went to Taekwondo, because I wanted to. And I ate within my calorie budget, because I wanted to.

I’ll get there. I just might be taking the scenic route to do it.

Sometimes, There’s A Good Reason

I have no idea if I was on budget for my calories yesterday. I ate what I wanted.

I didn’t go to Taekwondo yesterday. I just watched Netflix.

I didn’t do any pushups or sit-ups. But I did some walking.

See, yesterday was my wife’s birthday. I took the day off from work and took her out. We went to Colonel De’s Kitchen for breakfast, and walked around Tower Park in Newport, and then Grassroots and Vine for lunch, and then more walking. Then I picked up my son from school, and we had dinner and watched Voltron on Netflix.

It was a delightful day. And some things are more important than a slavish dedication to goals.

Tomorrow, though? Back to work.

With Apologies To Tennessee Ernie Ford

I ate 16 calories, and what did I get?

Another day over, by just a bit.

Exercise’ll help me,

But I’m gonna moan.

One more day without a check mark on a Habitica gooaaaalll…

He is amused, but not impressed.

So, yeah. Once again. Still, I think I’m doing pretty well. I’ve tracked everything, and 16 calories is a margin of error.

Still, here’s to doing better tomorrow!

In Which I Overshoot Again

By 58 calories, this time. Which is still not bad, particularly since I walked four miles and did a full hour of Taekwando practice. With a warm-up by a senior black belt who really believes in warming the class up. And in light of the fact that I had Taco Bell for dinner.

So. Not too bad. I’m mostly annoyed on principle. I really want to finally check off that 30-day Calorie Budget goal in Habitica.