Sleepy, But Successful

I did not get my pushups or sit-ups in yesterday, and I didn’t go to my Taekwondo lesson. Why? Because I didn’t sleep particularly well, and by 4:30 I was nodding off on the couch. It’s hard to work up the enthusiasm for exercise when you’re struggling to stay awake.

Despite that, I feel like I was successful yesterday.

Why is that? Simple. This week’s been about getting my head wrapped around eating within my calorie budget and taking care of myself. And I ate within that calorie budget. And taking care of myself yesterday meant getting some sleep.

Exercise is a good thing. Self care is also a good thing. And exercise is only one part of that self care.


Double-Dipping On Day Three

First of all, I’m glad to announce that day three is a success! I have eaten within my calorie budget (despite not packing my lunch and taking it), done my pushups and sit-ups, and gotten in a half hour of Taekwondo practice! I feel great!

A little sore, but great.

Amusingly, the last eight minutes we’re practicing with my bo staff. Why? Partly because I wanted to, and partly because at 22 minutes I was flagging and couldn’t face another iteration of basic forms or poomse. So I grabbed my staff, because it was a beautiful 60 degree spring evening out.

Why amusingly? Well, longer-term reader of this blog may remember that I’ve also taken up Kung Flow, a contact staff juggling program. It turns out that at least one bo staff move is identical to a contact staff technique called the figure eight. So, I get to double dip!


Relaxing Into Success

One thing my Taekwondo instructor tells me all the time is to relax. The secret, he says, is to stay loose. To move like a whip, flowing until the moment of impact. It’s a lesson that I am still struggling to learn.

I think I got it today, though. A little bit.

Remember how I was talking about Bob Ross yesterday, and how that inspired me to exercise? Well, that same feeling followed me all through the day. I ate within my calorie budget because I wanted to, not because I had to. I got up and went walking on my breaks, not to tick off a check box on a chore list but because it felt good.

In short, I relaxed. And then the things I really wanted to do came easily.

It was a good day.

Happy Little Evening

So I was sitting on the couch just now, watching some Joy of Painting with Bob Ross as a way of relaxing. You know, as you do. And I was feeling pretty good, because I’d eaten within my calorie budget. And I was just thinking that maybe I’d take it slow and wait until next week to get back on the exercise bandwagon. And then Bob spoke to me.

So I changed into my sweats, and left the show on, and did my exercises. Just me and Bob, happy to let things happen and be relaxed. And I feel good. And a little reflective.

I remember encountering Bob Ross on PBS in the early 90s, when my family had moved back to the states. I was living at home still, working a fast food job and attending night school and not certain what I was doing with my life. My dad was still alive, but he’d been diagnosed with cancer.

I’d watch Bob Ross on Sunday mornings, before heading into work. He always made me feel happy and relaxed, kind of like Mr. Rogers did when I was little. No matter how tough the week, or how tough it was watching my dad get worse, his show was a half hour of peace and relaxation and happy clouds and trees.

I don’t honestly know quite where I’m going with this post, really. There’s no grand realizations here. At least, I don’t think there are. I’m just relaxed, and remembering, and realizing I didn’t make a mistake or anything like that. I just had a little accident, and something wonderful’s going to come out of it.

I think I need to work out with Bob Ross more. Keep it relaxed, and enjoy the moment.