Turning The Wrong Way

Ridiculous story time.

Yesterday, I decided to run through the first kata (and yes, I know that’s what they’re called in karate, not in taekwando; I just don’t remember the Korean Word) I’ve been learning. It seemed like useful practice, and I needed to do something for exercise. So I take my stance and run through it. It goes well, and there’s enough room in my living room to do the whole thing. Bonus!

So I go through the whole thing three times. At the end, I’m feeling pretty good. And then it hits me. See, there’s two points in the form where you make a 270 degree turn, right? Well, both times in each run through – for a total of six times – I turn the wrong way. I went through the full 270 degrees, but stunned on the wrong leg and faced the opposite direction.

From an exercise perspective, it wasn’t wasted. But, from a getting it right perspective? Not so useful.


Back For Real. Really.

So, yeah. Insert standard boiler plate about having been gone and needing to get back to work and all that. You’ve read it before, and I’m not going to make any dramatic promises. I’m just going to say I’m going to try and do a better job of keeping up with this blog.

Thanksgiving went pretty well for me. I technically gained weight, but I’m really not going to stress about 0.6 of a pound. Not over a week that includes the American Festival of Food. Instead, I’ll note that despite a mild weight gain my pants are feeling looser and I have to tighten my belt another notch. All the martial arts I’ve been doing seems to have helped redistribute some of the weight. Possibly because I keep having to use muscles I don’t normally use. I’m not sore, but I sure am feeling it in my hips and inner thighs.

Checking Back In

I’ll start with the good news first: when I weighed in yesterday, I was at 338.2 lbs! I haven’t weighed in at that since this time last year, and I’m feeling pretty good about that! Particularly since I was braced for a weight gain, and got a pleasant surprise instead. I guess the Taekwando practice is paying off?

And, yes, Taekwando is still a thing my son and I are doing. We do an hour class on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and we try to put in about half an hour of practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Every session, I walk away noticing muscles I’ve never noticed before. Trying to get all those stances right is hard work.

Oh, and then there was yesterday. We went as a family to the Cincinnati Nature Center, because my wife was (at the time) three trails away from hiking all of the trails they have. It was a cool but pleasant November day, and it seemed like a fun family outing So we hit the Fernwood trail, which was described as “difficult”. It actually turned out to be the most difficult trail they had. But we all finished it – me, my wife, and our eight-year-old son! Our son was actually ready to run around by the time we got home. Me? I was ready to sit.

So. A good few weeks. From here on out I’m going to work on getting back on the daily update cycle (for real), so I’ll talk to all of you tomorrow!

All Aboard The Diet Train!

So, yeah. The holidays – and the massive load of sugary, carbohydrate-laden food that accompanies this – are fast approaching. Be warned! It’s not the easiest time to stay in a calorie budget. Particularly if, like me, you’ve been struggling with it anyway.

In my case, I think that the first and most important thing to remember is that I’m not on a diet. I’m changing my diet, with a goal of eating healthier so that I’ll be in better health to be active with my wife and son for decades to come. Framing it that way makes it a little easier – I don’t have to count calories and eat less because I’m a failure if I don’t. I’m choosing to count calories and eat less.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s still hard to resist the fudge and Christmas cookies. But it’s a little easier.