Yesterday went great. I got all my exercises in, I stayed within my calorie budget, I walked a little over 5.5 Miles, and generally I feel… well, I actually feel pretty tired and a little sore. I also feel pretty good, but definitely sore and tired. It’s been a while, you know?

I did make one modification to my regiment, though. This week, I’m only doing two sets of ten reps with the dumbbells. After yesterday, when I decided to cancel the third set because everything was aching, it’s clear that I need to ease back into things. Not to the degree that I need to go back to the five pound weights, mind, but enough that I don’t want to accidentally injure myself. That would be bad.

So. What does this have to do with “boredom”? Nothing. Nothing at all. No, the title of this post comes from a realization I had a few minutes before I was writing. I was contemplating digging into my stash of dried fruit (my emergency “I need to eat something” stash), and I asked myself why I was considering that. I wasn’t actually hungry, after all.

No. It turns out that I wanted to eat because I was feeling bored. Which is a ridiculous thing, once I realized it. I just wanted something to do, and immediately thought of food. And even now, having realized it, part of me is still wanting to eat something. Not because I’m hungry. Not because I really want the taste of something. Just because it’s something to do.

I knew I ate when stressed. I never thought I’d eat because of boredom. Strange.


Starting Again. Again.

I got to pet a wolf, yesterday.

We took my son to Wolf Creek Habitat in Indiana, yesterday. Partly because he had to do a report on wolves for school, and partly because it was fun. The staff let him go into a little enclosure while we were there, so he could pet one of the wolves. I got to pet the wolf as well, because he was scared and wanted me to go with him. That fear wore off pretty quickly, though. He loved it. I loved it, too.

That was one of a couple of great things that happened last week that had nothing to do with my exercise and weight loss goals. The other big thing was that we – my family – finally achieved a thing that we’ve been working towards since my son was born. So that felt great.

Sadly, I got really distracted last week and was really, really tired. As a result, I overate. A lot, and mostly carbs in the form of sugar. And I didn’t get my exercising in. So, here I am, starting over again. My breakfasts are made and in the freezer at home (except for what I’m eating today), my lunch got packed (thanks to my amazing wife), and I feel ready to go.

Of course, I have to maintain that enthusiasm when I get home so I can hit the gym. Still, I feel nicely confident.

Here. Have another wolf picture:

And while you enjoy that, root for me to succeed!