Starting Again. Again.

I got to pet a wolf, yesterday.

We took my son to Wolf Creek Habitat in Indiana, yesterday. Partly because he had to do a report on wolves for school, and partly because it was fun. The staff let him go into a little enclosure while we were there, so he could pet one of the wolves. I got to pet the wolf as well, because he was scared and wanted me to go with him. That fear wore off pretty quickly, though. He loved it. I loved it, too.

That was one of a couple of great things that happened last week that had nothing to do with my exercise and weight loss goals. The other big thing was that we – my family – finally achieved a thing that we’ve been working towards since my son was born. So that felt great.

Sadly, I got really distracted last week and was really, really tired. As a result, I overate. A lot, and mostly carbs in the form of sugar. And I didn’t get my exercising in. So, here I am, starting over again. My breakfasts are made and in the freezer at home (except for what I’m eating today), my lunch got packed (thanks to my amazing wife), and I feel ready to go.

Of course, I have to maintain that enthusiasm when I get home so I can hit the gym. Still, I feel nicely confident.

Here. Have another wolf picture:

And while you enjoy that, root for me to succeed!


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