I Clearly Did Something Right

In the name of keeping myself accountable, I made myself get on the scales yesterday. And… I’m back down to 335 pounds (from 340, a month ago). This is a thing that was both welcome and unexpected, as I thought that at best I’d maintained my weight. So a little progress is a good thing.

I guess my efforts to make and eat all my own food paid off. It certainly wasn’t walking and my other exercises, because I’ve been a little lax in that department. And I may be lax again this week, because I’ll be busy with getting my floors redone this week. I plan to still walk, but it’ll probably be next week before I hit the dumbbells again.

Still, five pounds. I feel pretty good.


There’s Always Something

Staying within my calorie budget has gone pretty well, although today may prove an exception. There were chocolate chip cookies at work, and I did my duty by them, so yeah. Maybe not today. But I’m going to try.

Exercising hasn’t happened. Between some (good) family stuff, and acclimating to the increased levels of hemoglobin in my caffeine system, I haven’t yet developed the energy or ambition to do my walking, or my weights, or anything. I’m going to try next week, but next week I’m also getting my floors redone (goodbye trashed old carpets, hello good quality laminate), so I might not have time. We’ll see.

I don’t feel frustrated, though. Because I know that, even if I don’t get started until the week after next, I’ll be getting started soon. Also, eating at home is making me feel better and more optimistic. Even if the garlicky shrimp with rice dish I made last night was, in a word, disappointing.

Mixed Results

This “make and eat all my own meals” strategy seems like it’ll work pretty well. I mean, even after sneaking in a single slice of the pizza my team ordered for lunch and eating everything I packed for myself, I came in at about 2100 calories. I may actually need to start packing a second sandwich, especially once I really get back to exercising regularly.

Which I haven’t done yet. I’m not beating myself up here, just acknowledging the facts. I really need to get back to walking on my breaks, and then make sure I get out and get an evening walk in. We want to start hiking by more this summer, so I need to start working on that now. In addition, I need to get back to the weights.

But enough of the “I shoulds”! I’m feeling really good about this success with my calorie budget, and I’m not going to spoil it!

Making A Few Changes

It’s been… let me think… five days since I had any caffeine. That’s pretty good, I think. Do I miss it? Not really, which sounds crazy when you realize that I get up at 3:30 am to go to work. But I don’t. Getting a good night’s sleep more than makes up for it

It helps that I probably went through my withdrawal headache while I was sleeping through Thursday, I think. Being conscious for those headaches is the number two reason for backsliding. (The number one reason, if you’re curious, is a lack of sleep.). So, that was good.

Now, with a clear head, I can make some plans. And those plans, the health-related part at least, starts with a basic concept: make and eat my own meals. Seriously. I sat down last night, and got my son involved in helping make and pack lunch for everyone. He brought me the ingredients (bread, peanut butter, jelly, apples, bananas), and the containers, and the silverware, and then put it all away as I finished with it. As we worked, my wife (who was loading the dishwasher) explained that we’d be doing this every night and then going for a family walk, and he got excited.

Then they played a video game, and I made my breakfasts for the week. It was nice. And now I have my calorie intake for the day all spelled out, and I know it’ll be filling and nutritious.

Yes. I do feel like I’m turning a corner on all of this.

Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Wow. Everything went really downhill after that last post. A delightful combination of fatigue and a bacterial infection caused me to spend most of Wednesday and Thursday asleep. Heck, I felt bad enough that I didn’t feel up to seeing my doctor until Friday.

Fun times.

The medication is taking hold, though, and I got plenty of rest, so I’m feeling human again. Human enough that I’m going to try to get back into my exercise program once I get home from work. We’ll see, though.

2018 has been a miserable year, so far. How do I get a do-over?

No Exercise News Today

We put my dog down today. He was old, and his kidneys were at less than 20% function, and his hind legs weren’t working right anymore, and he was constantly getting sick. Bloody diarrhea sick, which isn’t a good sign. Our vet said he could have as little as two weeks or as much as six months when the kidney failure was diagnosed. That was just a little over two weeks ago.

His name was Bosley, which was a bit of a goofy name but it suited him. He’s the dog I write about in Gear Review: Dog in November 2015. Here’s how I described him then:

I’ve got a 17 pound cocker spaniel. He’s nine years old, I believe, black with a white belly and snout, and barks like he thinks he’s a dire wolf. At anything. Squirrels. Trees. His own reflection. Whatever. He was a rescue dog so he’s not as well socialized as I’d like, even after all these years, but he’s far more bark than bite.

He never really changed all that much. Sure, he lost all but four of his teeth and his fur started getting in his ears, but he was still the barking dire wolf wanna-be he always was, right up to the end. He saw another dog as we were walking 🚶‍♀️ not the vet, and rallied enough energy for one last barking fit. That was at 9:22 am. The vet pronounced him dead at 10:03 am.

He was a dumb dog. And an infuriating one and a little destructive – he’d been rescued from a puppy mill, and the house training never quite took. But still, he was my dog. We did the right thing for him, I’m sure if that. But I miss him already. Terribly.

Good bye, Bosley.

I Did Say It’d Take Some Time, Right?

That sounds more on boys than I intended, doesn’t it? Yesterday actually went all right. Not perfect, but all right. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Exercise: I didn’t do my weights (we misplaced the key to the workout room), but I did walk 5.12 miles (beating my current “get back in shape” goal 🥅 f 4.5 miles). So, that was an okay performance.
  • Calorie Budget: I missed my calorie goal, partly from a failure to plan causing me to eat out and partly because there were chocolate fudge brownies with walnuts at work. On the positive side, though, I was far more restrained with the brownies than their deliciousness warranted, so things could have been s lot worse.

I’m planning for today to go better, though. I managed to pack my breakfast today, and dinner is already planned. Also, it’s early in the morning and I’m nearly a mile into my walking goal (thanks to getting back to parking in the bad spots on purpose). So now I just need to be reasonable with lunch and follow through on my walking goal, and I should be fine.