So. That Happened.

Unsurprisingly, there is a direct correlation between not feeling well and not hitting my goals. Who would have thought it, right?

Seriously, though, I’m fighting a head cold. Or something. It’s the classic “winter ick” – congestion, cough, fatigue, that sort of thing. The thing where you’re not sick enough to pour yourself into bed and stay there, but you want to. The kids bd if she’s coming that leads to poor life decisions about nutrition. Or is that just me?

No grand speeches here. No rattling on about “getting back on track” and “not giving up” and all. Instead, I think I’ll just let the DayQuil do it’s thing and focus on my calorie intake and try to feel better.



A Few Vacation Thoughts

I was on vacation last week, and my best intentions of writing each day fell by the wayside pretty quickly. As did my intentions of meeting my walking and exercise goals, and of staying within my calorie budget, and a number of other things. On the other hand, I’m nice and relaxed now.

Better yet, I’ve got my menu planned out and we’ve been eating on it! We’re doing an elimination diet in my household, and my task was to come up with meals that didn’t feel punitive while doing so. I like to think I’ve largely succeeded. We’ve had beef stew, and pan-fried chicken with steamed broccoli, and tacos, and shrimp scampi, all of which was amazing.

We’ve also had something called Moroccan chicken which, while interesting and flavorful, went on the “not again” list. It was one of those meals that I’m glad I tried, but not so glad that I want it again.

In the process, I’ve discovered a few really strange things about food. Like how there’s sugar in everything. Minute Rice (not that I’d voluntarily eat that tasteless slop anyway) has added sugar. Chicken broth had added sugar. Chicken broth! Why? I’ve made chicken broth! It’s chicken bones (or a whole chicken), and water, and a whole onion, and a couple of stalks of celery! I’ve never looked at the results and said “needs sugar”!

I’m sorry. I think I’m ranting. Here’s the Sugar Association’s explanation (tl;dr they say it’s used to help foods brown when cooked, help them taste better, and to serve as a preservative). I find that a bit… questionable, but all right. Whatever. I’ll still be trying to make more of my own stuff from scratch anyway.

Sugar in my chicken broth indeed. Pah.

Day Two: Meh, But For Reasons

The only one of my fitness goals I hit yesterday was my calorie budget, but not for lack of trying. Or, well, I stopped trying after a while. But for a good reason! Specifically, my knees hurt, and it’s pretty difficult to want to do a lot of walking with sore knees (although I did still hit 4.54 miles yesterday).

It’s nothing to worry about, I think. This is a thing that flares up once in a while, usually when the weather changes rapidly. It’ll probably clear up in a few days. Until then, I’ll work on walking and exercising as my knees permit (and i’ll cut the standing and jumping exercises from my cards so I don’t have any excuses for not exercising).

I’m not upset, and I’m not giving up. Life happens, but I still have a clear goal in mind! And, in th immortal words of the Tick

I will, sir. I will accept those charges.

Day One: (Almost) 100%!

I feel like I got off to a good start yesterday. I hit my walking goal, I did my workout cards and my warmups, and I… um.,. I sort of missed my calorie budget. Not badly, mind you. Only by 100 calories. It was just sort of annoying. Here’s what happened.

I was tempted by jelly donuts early in the day. But I only ate about 600 calories with, and I made wise choices with my actual meals, so by the time I was winding my day down I was sitting at 2,300 calories for the day. Yay me, right? Of course right. And then I took my dog for a one-mile walk to wrap up my walking goal, after I got my son to bed, and I was a little hungry when I got back. So I told myself I could have something as long as it was relatively healthy, and went with half a cup of lightly salted cashews. “They can’t be all that bad,” I said to myself.

Folks, I forgot the key rule of snacking while working with a calorie budget: check the calorie content before eating. Because it turns out that a half cup of cashews has 320 calories packed into it.

So, yeah. I missed that part of the goal. I still think it was a successful first day, though. And for today (day two)? More of the same. Only with more calorie checking before eating.

Time To Get Started!

I weighed in yesterday at 328.8 pounds. That’s a one pound weight gain from the last time I weighed in, but since that was a month ago and then I embraced the calorie-dense Christmas holidays with wide-open arms, I think that’s pretty good. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today, except tangentially.

That’s right. I’m utterly fabulous.

See, today isn’t about weight. It’s about getting started. I just needed the weight to establish a baseline for myself, so that I have one of several metrics with which to gauge my progress. My head cold is cleared up (except for a touch of congestion) and, fun as they are, the holidays are over. Oh, and I don’t have the stress of studying for major professional certification exams hanging over my head. Once again, I am able to fully focus on my health!

And my family, of course. But I’ll be doing by a lot of this with them, since I’m the cook and we all want to go hiking (and play Pokémon Go) once the weather improves. Nothing says that getting healthy has to be tedious or lonely, after all. Right?

Although – and this just hit me – I’m going to ease back into the routine a little. I was going to jump in feet first and try and do everything, ignoring the fact that it’s been a while. I don’t think I’ll do that, because it seems like a revue for failure. So, instead, here’s my revised plan:

  1. Hit my calorie budget. I’ve been doing this successfully for the last four days, so I’m off to a good start.
  2. Meet my walking goals, starting today. This may be a little difficult, since it’s been a while, but I seem to average about 3.5 miles per day when I’m not actually trying. Adding 2 more miles is a little ambitious, but I know I can do it because I’ve done it before.
  3. Do my exercise cards 4 day’s a week, starting today.
  4. Do my Kung Flow warmups 5 day’s a week.
  5. Start the Flat Belly Workout next week.

That seems like a good strategy. I’ll let you all know how day one went in tomorrow’s post!