It’s Halloween!

Ah, Halloween – historically, my second most favorite holiday. And if we could move the gift-giving and tree-decoration to Halloween, it would bump up to all-time favorite. Imagine singing Halloween carols for all of October, and decorating a Halloween tree, and hanging witch hats for Jack Skellington to fill on Halloween Eve, and…

And, well, I digress.

The point is, I love Halloween. And I’m pretty sure I’ll help me get in all my walking today. My son is old enough that he’s starting to plan for the long haul. His costume has a backpack, and he’s planning on filling it up and his truck or treat pumpkin as well. And so nice he’s only 7, he’s not going alone. I figure I’ll be walking all over creation tonight. Or, at least, all over a neighborhood or two.

I am so looking forward to this!


Trying To Deal With Boredom

I woke up to 33 degree temperatures today – Fahrenheit, not Celsius. At this point, I think I have to accept that the time of going for walks outside had passed. I mean, sure. I can bundle upend I don’t mind feeling a little cold. But I see no reason to subject myself to discomfort while subjecting myself to discomfort. So, despite a lack of enthusiasm, I am turning to the complex workout room and the following machines:

A treadmill.

A skiing machine:

And a reclining bike:

Not pictured here is the plain old exercise bike that would have been behind me in that last picture.

I’ve remarked before that treadmills are boring. So, in order to mix things up, I’m gonna by to rotate through those machines. Today I did 1 kilometer on the skiing machine (about 10 minutes) and 3.34 km on the bike (15 my mutes). Sadly, my FitBit doesn’t register the steps from the bike, so it thinks I’ve traveled 0.77 miles so far today.

Annoying, that.

Anyway, my current thinking is that each day I’ll do something like 15 to 20 minutes on one machine and then 15 to 20 minutes on the next. I’ll also need to keep stepping up the resistance level on that bike, until I feel like I’m getting a workout. Also, any day that involves the bike, I’ll need to plan to do more walking so that my FitBit shows I’ve hit goal.

Fun. Right?

That’s A Lot Of Stairs

Let me show you something…

That is the view down the central stairwell at work, from the third floor. It’s a heck of a walk. Way back in the day, it was my Everest. My goal was to climb it without stopping, and for a long time it was a distant goal. At first, I had to stop and catch my breath at every floor. By the time I reached the top my heart was hammering away and I was gasping for breath and I was wondering why I was doing this to myself.

I bring this up because my department moved up to the third floor a few weeks ago. Every morning I climb those stairs, log onto my computer, and get ready for the day while it boots up. I’m a little winded, but not badly. And it wasn’t until this morning that I really thought about that. I’m now (almost) casually doing something that was an achievement, a year and a half ago.

Yay me!

I suppose I’ll need to start working together able to run up them now…

What A Difference A Few Days Makes

It’s been four days since I got up at 3 am to go walking. Friday and Monday didn’t happen due to fatigue, and I don’t have a specific walking goal on weekends, so yeah. Four days. The end result was that, when my alarm went off this morning, it was very nearly five days.

“I’m tired,” I said to myself. “And it’s cold out. And I’m comfy. And I managed to hit my walking goal yesterday, without getting up three hours after midnight. I don’t wanna get up.”

I got up anyway. And it was chilly outside, and spitting down rain, just like I expected. So, like I figured I’d have to do, I dragged myself over to the workout room and did a mile on the treadmill. It was boring, which is a thing i’be discussed before, but I did it.

I’d like to say this hesitation is a short-lived thing. But, let’s be honest. Enough of it is due to my dislike for the treadmill that it’ll probably be spring before I’m excited about the morning walk again. I like actually moving, and fresh air, and all those good things. Treadmills get me none of that. But, at least they have the virtue of letting me continue walking until then.

It was comfy in bed, though. That was truth, not just an excuse.

Rough Couple Of Mornings

I didn’t get my morning walk in Friday or today, for superficially similar reasons. Friday, it was stress. I tend to eat stress for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when I’m studying for a certification exam (which I’m found by), and that means I don’t sleep well. So on Friday, i slept in all the way to 4 am because I was exhausted. As a result of that exhaustion, I also didn’t hit my walking goal.

This morning I was exhausted as well. But that’s because my stress is getting lower (I did really well on a practice exam). And because of my sinuses. They were draining last JR waterfalls, and it was nearly midnight when I fell asleep. My choice boiled down to either “go walking” or “function the rest of the day”. Since I still have to work do a little bong, I went for the second option.

I’ll just need to get my walking in some other way. And to take the sinus medication earlier, so I can sleep. Sleeping is good.

The 501st Post

WordPress informed me that yesterday’s post was my 500th post. If I’d known I was hitting a milestone, maybe I would have done something more elaborate. Or, maybe it. I really was that tired, yesterday. And I still am, although I’m beginning to think it’s mostly being caused by the falling temperatures and shorter days and the stress.

Gotta live the stress, right? Thankfully, I’ve only got 16 days left until this test is over.

So, 501 posts. I’ll be honest, here. Way back when I started all of this, I wasn’t really sure I’d last. I’d tried exercising and weight loss before (without success), and I’d even tried blogging about it once before (it didn’t help). I was skeptical that his would be any different, but I knew I had to try. And now, 501 posts later, I… well, sometimes I’m still skeptical. I’m not where I wanted to be, after all. Really, I wanted to be at goal by now.

But then I look at the subtitle for my blog: “Changing my life, improving my health.” It sounds trite, but that subtitle sums up the whole point of all of this. Sure, I’m not even halfway to goal anymore – stress and the poor eating habits I develop from stress have eroded some of my progress. But i haven given up. I’m still getting up at 3 am to walk a mile and a half before work, and I’m still walking 6 and 7 miles a day. When I started, walking 2 miles seemed an insurmountable goal. I can’t run after my son for hours, but I can chase him longer and farther, and I can still pick him up and swing him around if I catch him.

I have changed my life, and for the better. And if I’m not at goal yet, that just means I have even more change and even more improvement to look forward to. And I can still look forward to sitting down with n my doctor’s office to talk about those last 20 pounds he thinks I should lose at that time, and reminding him that he’s literally talking to half of me.

501 posts. Thank you, everyone who’s been reading this, for coming along on this journey with me. And don’t give up on me! The best is yet to come!