Three Days And Counting

For the past three days, I've made my calorie goals! That feels like a huge achievement, because it's been a while since I was at all consistent and especially since dinner last night was Taco Bell. Taco Bell is it a fast food chain known for its healthy eating choices, but I did it!

That is, I hit my calorie goal. We won't get into how healthy it was otherwise…

So I'm feeling pretty good right now. I'm hitting my walking goals, I'm hitting my calorie goals, and I'm getting my head back on the game by reframing the story in my head. I'm working on focusing on the goal again, and the reasons why, as a motivator. It's not perfect yet – mental attitudes don't completely change by magic in a 24 hour period, after all – but progress is being made.

It's like my wife told me last night, when we were talking about this and some related issues. I need to stop selling myself short. I shouldn't be arrogant, obviously, but I need to recognize the hard work I've put in. I need to recognize my own strengths, and my own achievements, and be willing to take credit for them and build on them. It's not boasting to say that I've achieved something remarkable. I've lost 100 pounds by virtue of eating better and exercising. And, although I've got more to do, that fact doesn't diminish what I've already achieved. It just shows that I can do the rest of it.

My wife, everyone, is a wise and magnificent woman. It's something I don't tell her enough, because I frequently get wrapped up in my own problems. But I wouldn't have achieved any of this without her. Not because I need her to push me (although she has, when I needed it), or because I'm doing it for her (although she is one of the reasons I am doing this), but because she inspires me and she balances me and she lifts me up. I am a lucky man.


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