Probably Just Maintaining This Week

Tomorrow is the next weigh-in, and I'm anticipating very little change in my weight. I hit all my walking goals, do that's good. Sadly, however, I kind of didn't come anywhere near hitting my calorie budget (coughcoughdonutscoughcough). But, still, I feel pretty good. Because I did hit my walking goal, and even if it makes me feel exhausted by 7 pm I enjoy going out and walking in the morning. Just me and the peace and quiet, and the sound of my dog barking at leaves and cars before rolling around on the grass.

Yeah, he slows me down a bit. But he loved it, and he needs the exercise as well. And he doesn't keep me from hitting my goal.

This week, really, was about hitting my walking goal each day I didn't manage it last week, do I wanted to make sure and do it this week. Next week, it's walking and the calorie budget. Because I am getting back on track. Slowly.


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