Recipes Be Hard, Yo

In the interests of improving the overall health of my family, I'm changing up the way we eat. Here's the basic idea: food gets sorted into different groups based on how they relate to each other (for instance, tomatoes and potatoes are in the same group). Once we eat a given category, we have to go two days before eating it again. The idea is to force me to expand my repertoire and let us eat different foods.

It is also incredibly hard.

Honestly, I never realized how much I relied on the same few basic things for most of my recipes. Not until I started doing this, and found myself saying things like "nope, can't do that one either". It gets tricky when you're looking for recipes and you can't use anything related to – say – corn, peas, or tomatoes. And those are go-tos for you.

Basically, I'm nowhere near starting this. The goal is to get going by Saturday, so we'll see. And I need to make some cards, so I can visually track this stuff better. I think it'll be worth it, though. And the increased variety of foods will be nice.

Once I figure out what I'm cooking, that is.


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