Vacation: Day One

Well, I’m on track to hit my walking goal today. And I’m getting to do it with my son!

I got up this morning around 7:30, and got ready to go walking. He was already up, sitting on the couch and playing Minecraft. So I invited him to go with me. He said no, then thought about it and decided he wanted to go after all. So we hit the road – me, my son, and my crazy dog. And we covered 2 1/3 miles, walking and talking and looking at flowers and playing Pokémon Go.

It took an hour and a half. I could have done it faster if I’d gone by myself, but why would I have wanted to? It was a perfect opportunity to spend time with him and set an example for him, without getting all preachy.


Counting Down To Vacation

I didn’t realize just how much I needed this until this morning, but I’m so glad I’m on vacation next week. I mean, it was a struggle to get out of bed and go walking – not because I was physically tired, but just because my daily routine has left me exhausted.

Now, my vacation isn’t an excuse to slack off and not exercise or walk or eat sensibly. Far from it – I’ll be using it as an opportunity to reset myself and get back on track. But I won’t be dragging myself out of bed at 3 am to do it, or trying to fit my walking into my daily breaks, or anything else. It’ll be a week of relaxation and walking for fun and swimming before the pool closes for the season.

Wow. I’m really looking forward to this.

Well. That Was Interesting.

Yesterday, I over ate. A lot. No, more than you think. A lot. And the interesting thing was that, while I was doing it, I was kind of watching myself do it. Sort of like I was kicked back on the couch, saying “well, I’ma eat all these Oreos now” and knowing I was overeating and not caring. It was a strange sort of feeling.

Then, about 6 last night, I figured out what was going on. I was tired. Stupidly tired. Haven’t had enough sleep in days tired. Why? Well, reasons. But I know for a fact that I overeat when I’m tired. I crave sugar and carbs and caffeine, as I struggle to keep myself going.

It was one of those revelatory moments. It also had me going to sleep at 8 last night, in an effort to a) get some sleep and b) avoid doing this again today. Because it’s sort of counterproductive, isn’t it?

So, I’m still a little tired today. But I’m not exhausted, which helps. I’m also aware of this now, which helps. And it helped motivate me to get up and go walking this morning. So, let’s see if I do better now.

Set Engines To Idle

I’m feeling pretty lazy today.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still hit my walking goal and did my exercises yesterday. And I still got up at 3 am to go walking, and I’m still planning to hit my 5.5 miles today. But I’m three days out from a week’s vacation, and my mind really isn’t on much of anything but taking it easy. Sleeping in, everyday (maybe as late as 5 or even 6 am…) and not having to do much of anything.

It sounds great.

Of course, clearly I need to get there first. Tomorrow and Friday are going to feel rough.

Success. That Has A Ring To It.

Things got a little silly for me over the weekend. My phone died, and I couldn’t replace it until yesterday, and I may have used that fact to justify some bad caloric behavior. I hang my head in shame. But I’m back up and running now, do I have no more excuses!

Also, Sunday, I hit a bit of positive news. Check this out:

What is that? Well, it’s my hand. And on that hand is a ring that I wore in college, but stopped wearing some 10 or 15 years ago because – thanks to gaining weight – it no longer fit. But it fits now! Woo-hoo!

Also, I made sure to get out walking this morning. And this was the view I had, as seen through Pokémon Go;

Koffing there was oddly cheery for 3:30 in the morning.

Kind Of Hit And Miss

I didn’t get up and go walking this morning. Oh, I was awake at 3 am, but I’d had a late night (that I don’t regret), and just couldn’t muster the willpower to make myself get out and moving. The couch was so much more comfortable. I’m still planning on hitting my walking goal today, mind. It’ll just be a little harder without that 1.5 or so mile boost.

My weigh-on will be interesting, tomorrow. Why? Because I’ve had an awkward relationship with my calorie goals. I hit them most of the week, but when I missed them I missed them hard. So, we’ll see how things play out and then I’ll do what I need to do from there.

Despite that concern, I feel like I had a mostly successful week. Mostly. And regardless of what happens, I’ll keep working. Because, like I said way back in the hoary dawn of this blog, this isn’t a diet that I’m on. It’s an effort to change my life.

Alternative Forms Of Exercise

Yesterday, I didn’t get in the six exercises recommended by my personal trainer.  I probably should have.  But, instead, I went to the pool with my son.  And I believe that I’ve remarked that 40 minutes in a pool with a rambunctious 6-year-old is plenty of exercise.  If I haven’t, then let me do so now.  It is exercise.  Plenty of exercise.

This time, the name of the game wasn’t “spinning”.  No, it was shotput.  Here’s how it works.  There’s a floating air mattress sort of thing at our pool that nobody seems to have laid claim to.  As a result, everyone uses it.  Well, the game was that I pick my son up and throw him as far as I can to land on the air mattress thing.  He howls with laughter, swims back to me, and insists that I do it again.

He weighs around 60 pounds.  To toss him, I have to lift him out of the water, and I’m standing shoulder-deep in the water while we’re doing this.  Then, I lob him some three or four feet.

Yeah.  Exercise.  Also, fun.

We also raced.  Which you’d think wouldn’t be a fair match, and it isn’t.  He’s lighter and in better shape, so I have to work to outdistance him.  Especially since he’ll usually have a four or five foot lead on me by the time he shouts “go” when the race starts.

All in all, I had a good time.