Early Morning Walking

The fact that I get up stupidly early in the morning isn’t really a surprise at this point.  But, historically, I haven’t done much with that. Usually, I just complain and hit snooze and generally regret the poor life decisions that led me to get five hours of sleep that night.

None of this, clearly, is useful.

I did things a little differently last night. My wife and I were trying to strategize about how to support each other as we work on our various family and career goals, and part of that was figuring out how I could get my exercise in. Long story short, I decided that I’d get up in the morning to get some of my walking in. Hitch led to me going to sleep about… 7:45?  I don’t know, but the app for my CPAP machine tells me I used it for 7 hours last night, so that seems about right.

I was out the door at 3:05 this morning, walking. And it felt good. I covered 1.95 miles in 40 minutes, walking over to the Anderson Town Center and back on a meandering fashion. It wasn’t as fast as if I’d hit the treadmill, but the weather was pleasant and it seemed a shame to be stuck in a small room if I didn’t have to be there.

Yep. I think this will work nicely.


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