Stuff And Miscellaneous Nonsense

Ah, me. Second Monday. See, I had to work July 3 but not July 4 – the 4th is a market holiday, after all, but the 3rd is nothing special.  So I had a Monday, and then a day off, and now a Wednesday that feels distressingly like another Monday. No fun at all.

I’ve got my Raichu!  I even held off so that my son could hit the Evolve button, because he’s been wanting me to get one ever since he realized I had a Pikachu.  He is now convinced that I can win every gym battle ever, because I have Raichu.

Next up is my Bulbasaur (well, Ivysaur) named Audrey:

And I’ll only need to walk another 262.9 km to evolve her!

Finally, I have gotten really and truly off track recently. It’s a combination of things – family health problems, and getting burnt out on my test, and all of the other usual suspects. So I’m now trying to use Second Monday to restart. Meals have been planned and packed, and cash has been left at home (making snacking difficult), and generally I’m recommitting to hitting my goals. Which includes this blog, so you can expect to see regular posts again!


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