A Reminder Of Triceps

Let me tell you about push-ups. Why?  Because they come up in my exercise cards with distressing frequency.  And I can’t quite do a traditional push-up yet – the kind where you hold your back straight and rest on hands and toes. Not if I want to do mute then bend my arms a little.

What do I do, then?  I start by lying on my chest, and then I push myself up on my knees (in the classic “girl push-up” of my youth) and back down. Someday I’ll be up to a full push-up. Until then, these work.

So yesterday, I drew a card with a “diamond push-up”. It’s called that because you put your hands beneath your sternum so that thumbs and forefingers touch “making a diamond shape), and then you do the push-up.  So, I began.

Five push-ups in, and my triceps were burning.  By ten, my arms were aching and I was telling myself “maybe just 15, instead of the 20 the card calls for”. At 12, I collapsed onto the floor for a little rest. But, I managed all 20.

Me and my triceps weren’t on speaking terms for almost an hour after that. So, I guess that means the exercise worked?


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