Jumping With… Well, Not Joy, Precisely

Let’s talk a little more about my exercises, since I made it sound like they were killing me yesterday.  They aren’t, not really.  Oh, sure, I’m a little sore when I finish.  Also, I’m a little out of breath when I finish them.  But I figure that’s a good thing, because it demonstrates that I’m actually working.  And they show some progress, despite me feeling a little bad that I’ve backslid.

For example, yesterday I drew two different cards that required jumping.  One was something called a “half-jack” (which is literally a jumping jack where you just bring your arms slightly above shoulder level), and the other required me to crouch down and leap into the air.  I did both, which doesn’t really sound like that big a deal when I type it out.  But, a year and a half ago, I’d have skipped that second card and drawn a second one.  I was heavy enough that the idea of jumping was laughably implausible.  Heck, the half-jack would have been challenging.

Of course, a year and a half ago I was also looking at doing four of the exercise cards as an impressive achievement.  Now, I’m looking at six of them as the “get back on track” starting point while I work up to doing ten of them.  So that’s progress as well.

What I’m saying is, I’ve made progress.  Even if (as I also keep saying) it isn’t as much progress as I’d like to have made at this point.  And that feels pretty good, when I stop and think about it.


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