Rethinking Some Goals

So, I may have been a trifle overambitious with my goals. And that may have been a reaction to my lack of progress and to the last couple of months of stress while studying. I’d built up exercise in my head as that thing I was going to do when it was over, and I overplanned as a result.

With this on mind, I’m dropping the treadmill for a while. Getting up to a 15 (or even a 10) minute mile is still a longer-term goal, but it’s getting ahead of myself. First, I think, I need to get myself back to consistently hitting my regular walking and exercise goals. Then, after I’m doing that, I can add some more.

I thought I’d be upset with that decision. To tell the truth, when my wise and wonderful wife suggested it, I was upset. But, a day later, it makes sense.

I’m still going to take up running, though. Just… not right now.


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