Thunder and Lightning, Very Very Frightening

Sometimes, timing is everything.

I managed to successfully complete day two of hitting the treadmill at 3 am – although, to be technical, it was 3:13 am when I was actually on the treadmill, because dressing and walking over takes a little time.  But that’s being pedantic.  The point is, I hit the treadmill again.  And then I walked home, drank some water, and jumped in the shower.

When I left my condo again to drive in to work, it was raining.  Well, actually, it was pouring down.  Thunder and lightning and driving rain, when there’d been no warning whatsoever of any hint of weather like it a half hour earlier.  I managed to dodge a bullet there.  A damp, soggy bullet.

I’ve also successfully hit day two of my exercises!  Not the calorie count, though.  Getting back on track with that after a month of not being on track is… tough.  But I know for sure that I (at least) didn’t go off the wagon as badly as I did while I was studying.  And I still walked over 6.5 miles and did my exercises, so there’s some offsetting benefits.

Here’s hoping the rain breaks, so I can get the rest of my day’s walking done outside!

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