So This Happened On Twitter Today…

Here’s the context:  I’ve been part of a week-long Twitter free-for-all on the subject of vaccinations – I’m part of the “they’re a net positive for humanity with potential to save millions of lives” camp, if you’re curious.
@EMcCra2 up there, possibly because I described antivaxxers as people who support child death and want to heap corpses up on the bloody altar of Andrew Wakefield, tweeted that back. It’s my Twitter profile picture, and a screen capture of one of my first blog posts here. The implication being that, since I’m morbidly obese, I have no business talking about health.

Which is, of course, nonsense.

First off, it demonstrates “cherry picking” perfectly.  I mean, I have lost 110 pounds since then.  So, sure, I’m still fat. But heck, it was science and medical advice that got me to where I am. Not shrill pseudoscience and irrational nonsense.

Also, so what if I was. I mean, you can know how to do something and not still do it.

But anyway, here was my reply

Enough said.


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