I Am Runner 5

This is something of a gear review.

I’ve had the Zombies Run! app on my phone – both phones, really – since I got my first smartphone back in June 2015. It’s been on my list of augmented reality fitness apps to try out for, well, a while now. Since June 2015, really, but I never got around to it.

Well, I’m on vacation this week. It’s finally time to get around to it.

The app is a semi-interactive audio drama, combined with a GPS tracker that reminds me of MapMyRun (it also has a step counter, if your phone supports that sort of thing, and a ‘constant speed’ setting if it doesn’t but you’ve got a handle on your average walking or running speed).  In the narrative you take on the role of “Runner 5”, the survivor of a downed military helicopter who now works as a scavenger for a community of survivors of the Zompocalypse.

The “semi-interactive” bit comes from collecting supplies as you walk/run, that you can use to build up your base. Also, there’s a chase setting (which I haven’t used yet), which randomly announces that zombies are chasing you. You then have to put on a burst of speed, or lose collected supplies.

I’m enjoying it, especially now that I’ve worked out how to link it with my playlists on my phone. Although that first night I played, walking briskly in the dark with nothing but silence broken by zombie sounds and warnings, was delightfully creepy.

If you like zombies, I recommend it as a way to break up long distance walking or running.

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