Missing My Goal Isn’t Failure

So, yeah.  Yesterday was not as successful as I’d have liked.  I only managed to walk about three and a half miles, due to a number of snowballing circumstances.  Crummy weather, things at work that made it difficult to get up and walk around, and then more crummy weather and being tired.  Oh, and I may have overeaten – I say may, because I didn’t think to weigh out the pork chop or cheesy rice dish I had for dinner (and because my son had his Easter party at kindergarten, and insisted on sharing candy with me, and I have no willpower with candy right now…).

Am I discouraged?  Meh.  I don’t know that I’ll have a lot of success in terms of weight loss when I get on the scale tomorrow, but I’m actually not overwhelmingly worried about that.  Why?  Because I succeeded (mostly) at my big goal for the week – trying to hit my walking goals.  And since I’ll be hitting that today, I’ll still have managed four out of the five days I track such things.

And next week, I’m on vacation!  Yaaaayyy!!!!


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