Always, always, always check the calorie count before eating.

It was my wife’s birthday yesterday (happy birthday!), and she wanted to go out for dinner.  So, after some discussion, we ended up at Carrabba’s Italian Grill – she wanted Italian food, and it was close.  Sadly, we weren’t particularly enthused by the meal.  The service was good, but the food was lacking – “greasy” was the word I used, while my wife described it as “bland” and my son described it as “can we go to IHOP?”

I figured it would be a bit of a hit on the old calorie budget when I ordered, but… well, I got something called Fettuccine Weese, which is fettuccine in alfredo sauce with shrimp and mushrooms.  Alfredo sauce is harsh on the calories, yes, but I like it.  Sadly, I didn’t check the calorie cost until after I ate.


Let that sink in.

Maybe I would have been all right with that if I’d liked the food, but I didn’t.  Oh, it tasted all right (except for an odd oily aftertaste), but it did not like me back.  I had a roiling stomach for a good few hours after dinner, and kept belching up garlic and shrimp.  Not the sort of result I want from my food.

On the up side, I walked 5.89 miles yesterday!  Not enough to take care of that fettuccine, I suspect, but more than enough to hit my walking goal!


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