Adjusting My Goals

Oh, did I mention that it’s April?  And that the turning of the calendar means it’s time to adjust my goals.  Because it does, and I did.  Adjust them, I mean.  So, my new target is 2,400 calories per day and walking 5 miles each day during the week.  That will continue until the end of the month, when I’ll decrement the calorie budget by another 100 and increase the walking target to 5.5 miles.

I feel nicely optimistic about this, too.  Sure, I was really rocky with the 2,500 calorie goal.  But it’s still a good idea to stretch myself, right?  And I reserve the right to hold level at 2,400 if I’m still not consistently hitting that goal.  Not that I’m saving that as an out and an excuse for bad behavior, mind.  But I’m trying to allow myself to be realistic.  And that walking goal?  Heck, if I hit 4.5 miles in a day it’s not that hard to push a little further and hit 5, because when I’m on my walking schedule I generally hit four miles by the time I leave work.  Heck, I hit 5.4 miles yesterday, my first day at the increased 5 mile goal, and I wasn’t even trying.

Although I wish I’d noticed I was at 5.4 miles, because I’d have walked the extra 500 feet to hit 5.5 and be done with it.  But what are you going to do, right?

Oh, and good news on the walking front!  I may not be at my final weight goal, but I’m light enough that I can make use of the treadmill at my condo complex workout room!  Which means that I now have no excuses for not hitting goal – even if the weather is terrible, I can still go walk.  I found this out at my personal trainer’s gym on Sunday – she has the same type of machine, and I knocked out a quick half mile in ten minutes (and yes, I thought that was an achievement) while I waited for her to wrap up with her previous appointment.  I had the speed up to 4 mph, and was chugging along just fine, so that felt good.

Now to get myself back on track with the calories as well, and everything will work out just fine.



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