A Little Good, A Little Bad

For the first time  for since getting back on the exercise bandwagon, I hit my walking goal!  Heck, I nearly hit my stretch goal (5.5 miles) while I was at it.  How did I do it?  Simple, really – I got up and went walking during my breaks, and I started parking at the top of the parking garage again. It makes me walk farther, so I get in more steps and increase my odds of hitting goal (significantly increases, apparently).  My legs are just a touch sore right now, a symptom of having gotten out of practice, but it’s that kind of paradoxical soreness that feels good because you got it from working hard.

On the down side, I kind of blew through my calorie budget yesterday.  I made the mistake of eating out for lunch (breakfast, to most people), and it turns out that Chik Fil A breakfast biscuits have all the calories.  All of them.  They’re good, but… wow.  650 per sandwich.  I’m not saying I won’t do that again, mind, but next time I’ll plan for it.

Still and all, I feel good.  Really good.


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