Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

I did not hit anything near my exercise goals, yesterday.  Instead, I got myself to my doctor’s office to get an allergy shot.  Why?  Because while the bronchitis has cleared up (yay!), some allergy-related respiratory issues remain (boo!).  But the shot seems to have cleared that up, so I think I’m ready to give walking another go.  And I really, really hope it works out this time.  I’m getting very tired of sitting and not exercising.

I’m not beating myself up about it, though.  Because I’m also a huge fan of breathing, and I was getting very tired of not being able to do it.

On the calorie front, I missed goal yesterday by about 100 calories.  Not bad, I suppose, but not what I wanted to see happen either.  Still, rather than beat myself up on that I’m just going to keep going.  Breakfast and Hobbit-lunches are all packed and ready, so I’ll be making progress there (although I find it strange that deli chicken is more calories per ounce than deli him), and dinner is already mapped out in my head.  Things should go really well, today.


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