Not A Bad Day, All Things Considered

Well, that seems to have been taken care of.  My son’s feeling a lot better, now – it was some sort of stomach bug and, by the time I’d normally have picked him up from school he was doing great.  Full of energy, not really understanding why his food was limited to toast and crackers, and wanting to play.

Honestly, it wasn’t a bad time yesterday.  Except for all the effort I had to put into cleaning the carpet, that is.  We watched Godzilla movies, and cuddled with the dog, and played with his toys, and had a dad/son bonding day.  If it had been a scheduled vacation day, instead of him being sick, it would have been enormous fun.

Also, I hit my calorie budget!  2,000, out of a 2,500 goal.  No, I didn’t get my exercise or walking in, but I had reasons (sick child).  But I’ll focus on the things I did manage, thank you very much.


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