Obviously I Need To Plan Better

Yesterday started out so well.  Except for the walking, that is – I made the mistake of going outside to walk in 50 degree damp weather, and regretted it the rest of the day.  The bronchitis is not fully gone, after all, and I was reminded of that.  Still, walking yesterday was an experiment to see if I was ready.  I am not defeated!

But I digress.  Yesterday started out well.  I ate the meals I packed, and felt pretty good.  The problem I ran into was that my son had a dentist appointment at 4 pm – which you might recognize as “the time Rich plans to make dinner”.  So I was really hungry by the time we left the dentist.  Combine that with my son declaring that he “really had to go to the bathroom”, and I had minimal willpower left when we stopped at a fast food restaurant to let him relieve himself.  So, when my hungry son asked if we could get a snack, we got a snack.  A fairly high-calorie snack, it turned out.

Overall, though, things could have been a whole lot worse.  I ate 2,733 calories out of a 2,500 calorie budget.  So I went over, but not as badly as I might have.  Call it a consolation prize, I guess.


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