Historically Mad Ideas

I must be feeling better.  Why?  Because, despite the wheeze I still have when I wake up, I’m trying to talk myself into starting my exercise program back up now.  You know, instead of waiting until I finish up my medicine, like I originally planned.  It’s a mad idea that, historically, has led to misery and relapses, but it just doesn’t want to go away.

Day two is in the bag, and things are still chugging along.  I closed the day at 2,297 calories, and no walking or exercise.  The Hobbit meal plan is still working well as well, leaving me a little bit hungry as the next meal approaches but helping tone down the impulse to snack.  Which, I believe, is a contributing factor to hitting my calorie budget.

Sadly, since I’m only two days in to hitting my budget once more, I’m not expecting anything particularly exciting when I weigh in tomorrow.  But, it is only day two, and I’m still not exercising (despite my brain trying to cause me to relapse…).  Things will only be getting better from here!


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