Street cleaning

It seems I never actually fully recovered from my bronchitis, which goes a long way towards explaining why I felt so under the weather the past several days. I was under the weather. So I got myself to my regular doctor yesterday, and he hooked me up. Hopefully, I’ll cick it this time.

Actually, if I don’t, then I’ve got chest x-rays in my future. He doesn’t think it’s pneumonia from the way I sound when I breathe, but if it doesn’t clear up then he wants to make sure.

Of course, I asked what the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia was. Here’s how he explained it. Imagine your lungs are like a subdivision with one major road on and lots of culdesacs.  Bronchitis is like a heavy snowfall that blocks the main road, makes driving difficult, and has to be plowed. Pneumonia is when all that snow melts and floods the culdesacs.  So, yeah. I’ll take the bronchitis.


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