This One Simple Trick Stops Snacking Cold!

Don’t carry cash.

No, really, that’s the simple trick.  For me, at least.  See, although I’m off to a strong start with getting back to my exercising, I just noticed that I haven’t hit my calorie budget for the first three days of this week.  Mostly because I haven’t been as dedicated to packing my meals as I should have been, which translates into eating out.  And that also allows for thoughtless snacking, because I’ve got the ability to make purchases.

So I put an end to that.  I made sure to pack my breakfast and lunch today, and left the cash at home.  My theory is that, if I can’t buy a snack, I can’t eat a snack.  And it seems pretty fool-proof to me.  Which is what I need, right at this minute.


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