Two Days And Counting

So that’s two days in a row now that I’ve hit all of my exercise goals.  Well, except the walking – 5.5 miles is difficult to hit in the oddly variable winter weather we’ve been having.  But still, I hit 4.75 miles and – more importantly (for purposes of this post) – I’ve been working out!  With something approaching consistency!  Yay me!

All right, all right, I know that two days does not demonstrate consistency yet.  So what?  I feel good, and I feel motivated, and I’m celebrating anyway!  And I’m going to keep celebrating every time I hit one of these goals, because I plan to have fun with this!  After all, exercise shouldn’t be a chore.  It’s something I’m doing to take care of myself.  It’s something I’m doing so that I can be more active with my family, and go and do more things with them.

Two days!

yay turtle


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