Notes to Myself

Clearly, it’s been far too long since I was consistent with my exercises.

So yesterday, I hit all of my exercise goals (except the walking, which came in about 4.75 miles). And it was not as easy as it once was. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I couldn’t do them or anything, but I was struggling more than i expected. Particularly on the push-ups and all the stretches, which I could only hold half as long as I’d been holding. (Half my daily exercise routine was stretches, something my personal trainer recommended to deal with just how stiff my knees were.) The aches faded quickly, but they were more noticeable than I’d gotten used to. Also, I was more winded than I thought I would be.

Note to self: keeping up with the exercise is easier in the long run then letting it slide and playing catch-up.

I’m not discouraged by this, though. Far from it. After going so long without any consistency, I was glad to see I could get back in the game and manage to get through all the repetitions my workout called for. The only thing I regret at all, other than not doing them in the first place, is the fact that I didn’t manage to do them until around the time I was getting my son ready for bed. Working out an hour and a half before you normally go to sleep is not conducive to winding down and getting ready for bed. Instead, I was up and awake for a while thereafter.

Note to self: try not to do all my exercise right before bed. Sleep is healthy, too.

Despite all that, I’m glad I did it. Now to just do it earlier in the day.


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