Street cleaning

It seems I never actually fully recovered from my bronchitis, which goes a long way towards explaining why I felt so under the weather the past several days. I was under the weather. So I got myself to my regular doctor yesterday, and he hooked me up. Hopefully, I’ll cick it this time.

Actually, if I don’t, then I’ve got chest x-rays in my future. He doesn’t think it’s pneumonia from the way I sound when I breathe, but if it doesn’t clear up then he wants to make sure.

Of course, I asked what the difference between bronchitis and pneumonia was. Here’s how he explained it. Imagine your lungs are like a subdivision with one major road on and lots of culdesacs.  Bronchitis is like a heavy snowfall that blocks the main road, makes driving difficult, and has to be plowed. Pneumonia is when all that snow melts and floods the culdesacs.  So, yeah. I’ll take the bronchitis.


Feelings of Triumph

I hit all of my exercise goals yesterday!  That’s stretching, and bodyweight, and walking!  I feel really good!  I’d feel even better if I’d hit my calorie budget as well, but that’s my focus for today and I’m not letting it distract from my feelings of triumph!  I did it!

As I said, today’s goal is to hit my exercise targets and to also hit my calorie budget.  All of that should be easily doable, because I packed my breakfast and lunch today.  That’s the bacon, egg, and cheese burritos (two, for a total of 736 calories), a ham and cheese wrap and an apple for lunch (371 calories for the wrap, and an estimated 81 calories for the apple), and 2 oz of homemade chocolate fudge (220 calories) as a snack.  Because it’s better to plan for a little sugar than to go and buy it.

So, yes.  I’m clearly feeling good.  And I’m feeling excited about all of this.

Back To Work

It’s back to work today.  Quite literally, actually, as my lovely three-day weekend is now over.  But figuratively as well, because I’m mostly over being sick (just a little remaining congestion, which could easily be allergies) and the weather is amazing.  Like, “I needed a light jacket at 4:30 am” amazing, which means that walking will be easy this week.  Fun, even.  So, hitting my walking goals should also be easy.  And I’m one day into hitting my exercise goals for the week already – I knocked them out yesterday, and felt better for doing so – which puts me closer to achieving my goals in that regard.

I’ll probably even walk to pick up my son from kindergarten today, both to get the extra steps in and because we both enjoy those walks.  I know this, because he’s told my wife that he doesn’t want to ride the bus when he goes to first grade because then he won’t be able to walk home from school with me (everybody say “aaaawwww”).  Which means, of course, that I’ll have to find other ways to go for walks with him.  But I won’t worry about that right now.  Right now, I’m just going to walk over to the kindergarten and get him.

Well, after work of course.  Let’s not jump the gun here.

Three-Day Weekend

I didn’t bother weighing in this week. Why?  Simple:  I was on a steroid prescription for the bronchitis that took me out last week, and that always causes me to gain weight. Combine that fact with the fact that I couldn’t exercise – again, “sick” – and I decided not to give myself the misery and stress.

So, this week. I’m feeling better, and the weather is going to be gorgeous.  I’d add “for February” to that, but the forecast is calling for upper 60s to low 70s through Friday, so it’s gorgeous for any month. Time to get the dog out, and get my mileage goal in!

Spraying… toxins?

Most of the comments I get on my blog are spam.  Spambots mostly, attempting to sell me SEO services or more hits on my Facebook page or the like.  If you’ve ever read through the comments section of anything on the internet, you’ve seen the kind of ads.  Mostly, I delete them.  But then, I get this:

Jag förstår att man måste känna sig ren och fräsch när man sprutar nervgift i sin kropp!

That’s… Finnish, maybe?  No, according to Google Translate, it’s Swedish.  I’ve gotten Swedish spam (which sounds like a Muppet/Monty Python crossover sketch)!  Google Translate renders it as “I understand that you have to feel clean and fresh when spraying nerve toxin in his body!”

Uhm.  Yeah.  I… don’t get it.  But it fascinated me enough that I wanted to share.

Moving on to more significant things, I’m pretty much expecting to maintain my weight again this week.  You know, what with having been sick and all.  But I’m feeling better enough that Monday I should be back on my exercise and walking program, and I’m looking forward to it!

Some things just don’t make sense

All right, here’s the situation.  I’m recovering nicely, but I’m not 100% better.  I’ve still got a few days on my prescriptions, and the doctor said to take it easy until they’re done.  And since I’m a big believer in paying attention to expert advice – particularly when I’ve paid for it – I’m trying to do just that.  But I really want to get back to exercising.  Because I feel better.  And even though I know I shouldn’t, because that way lies relapses and misery, it’s annoying me.

Go figure, right?

It’s especially tough because, although today’s going to be chilly, the forecast is for gorgeous weather through into next week.  Low 60s (isn’t this still February?) and sunny.  So even though I want to get out now, I’m using that to keep myself under control.  Because I really don’t want to be stuck inside in the weather that’s being promised.

Down With The Sickness

So, yeah.  That was my last four days, which is why I hadn’t posted anything.  As you might imagine, it also means that I haven’t been thinking much about calories, or weight loss, or exercise, or anything other than laying around and working on feeling better.

Which I do, now.  Mostly.  I still plan to take it easy the next few days, though.  Work on hitting my calorie goals, and not worry about exercise until probably Monday.  Give myself a chance to recover.