Stumbling Out Of The Gate

…or, maybe, I’ll start hitting my goals beginning today.

As you may have guessed from the title, and from that last sentence, yesterday was not a particularly productive day.  Little things snowballed, and snowballed, and snowballed.  For various reasons, some good and some not so good, I didn’t get a chance to do any walking at work.  Specifically, I missed walking on my first break thanks to some project work I was doing.  From there, it was really easy to justify not walking further by saying “well, I’m not hitting goal anyway…”

And yes, I know that’s a terrible excuse.  But, well, it’s what I did.  Then I didn’t do my exercises because I had to go pick up groceries.  And because there were some things my son needed help with.  And I made the mistake of snacking outside of my regular meals, so I didn’t hit my calorie goals.  All in all, not a productive day.

What did I learn from this?  First of all, don’t give up on your goals for the day because you missed one part of them.  Second, plan better.  Third, don’t go snacking hard.  Especially on high-calorie junk (duh, right?).  And fourth, don’t beat yourself up.  Just keep trying.

I think lesson four is the hardest to accept, oddly enough.


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