It’s A Wonder I’m Not Sick

The weather has been weird here, recently.  It’s January, right?  Let me check… yeah.  My phone and my computer agree that it is January 19.  So, that’s the first third of winter almost done.  I think all of us who live in the northern hemisphere can agree on that, yes?  Of course we can.

So, naturally, I have to check the temperature each day to see if I need a heavy winter coat or if I can get by with just a t-shirt.  Seriously.  Tuesday, I was walking around the nature trails at work with just a light jacket on – and I only needed that because of the high winds.  Two days later, it’s time for heavy coats again.  I know that Cincinnati weather is changeable, what with being built on a river and all, but this is ridiculous.

Still, it does have one great benefit.  I get to get outside more, on the warm days.  And I certainly like walking more, when I get to do it outside.  Doing laps in my office works, but it’s boring.


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