Excuses Aren’t Reasons. Unless They Are.

Oh, good.  Rich is going to complain again.

Yeah, I know.  But actually, I’m not planning on complaining.  No, this is more of a meditation on behavior.  See, I completely missed my goals yesterday – I walked less than half my target distance, and I didn’t get any of my exercises done, and I significantly overate.  And I’ve been thinking about why I did that.

Finding excuses was easy.  I was tired.  I got busy at work.  I left work late, and had to make dinner and make sure my son got his homework done.  Things like that.  All of them valid, even though they’re excuses, but they’re not reasons.  Reasons tell you why you did or didn’t do something.  Excuses, on the other hand, are just the things you come up with to explain what you did when you don’t know the reasons.

So.  What are the reasons I didn’t exercise?  Well, they actually are the excuses I made.  I really was quite busy at work, yesterday.  Busy enough that I barely had time to eat lunch, let alone take the breaks I normally take.  I still got up and walked a little, but I didn’t have the time I normally give it.  Then, I was in a meeting that had me leaving an hour and a half later than normal, so I didn’t pick my son up from kindergarten until nearly 3:30.  Between working on his homework, and making dinner, and spending time with him, I just didn’t quite manage to work exercise into my schedule.  And I’d been up since 3:30 that morning, so by the time he went to bed at 6:45 pm I was way too tired to try and exercise.

Could I have tried to fit the exercise in anyway?  Sure.  And in an ideal world, I would have.  But in an ideal world, I’d already weight 220 pounds and have a rock-hard six-pack and be able to bench 350 pounds, and I wouldn’t need to do all of this because I’d be able to stay in shape by eating a gallon of Ben and Jerry’s each day.  Sadly, I don’t live in that ideal Phish Food-filled world.  I live in the real world, where sometimes you have to make choices.

Although, to be honest, the overeating thing was pretty much me making an excuse for eating too much.  I’ll cop to that.  But I packed my breakfast and lunch today!


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