Greyed Out

I’m feeling somewhat adrift on my goals right now.  Yesterday morning, my phone decided to cripple itself – wifi and Bluetooth decided to shut down and grey out so I couldn’t turn them back on.  So, I did what any reasonable human being would do.  I went to the Apple web site and checked their solutions.  First, it said, I needed to shut down and restart the network connection.  I did this, to no avail.  Then, it told me I needed to reset to factory specs and reinstall from backup.  I did this.


So, now I can’t effectively check what the heck my daily to-do list is.  Or get the information off my FitBit and onto my phone.  Or track my calorie intake.  Or, you know, anything.  Sure I’m taking it into the Apple store today to see if they can fix it, and I’m going to replace it if they can’t, but I feel adrift.  My phone is just a phone.  How on earth do I survive under such primitive conditions?

All right, I exaggerate.  It’s probably not a bad thing, taking an enforced break from the daily stream of social media I absorb.  But I’ll be glad to get it up and working again.


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