I’m liking this whole “make and pack my own meals” thing I’m doing (again).  My own food tastes so much better than what I could buy in a drive through.  Oh, and the calorie counts are significantly lower, so I can have a larger meal.  That comes in handy, when I’m trying to resist the urge to snack.

That “urge to snack” is, of course, a problem.  Yesterday, for example, I had two of my bacon and egg burritos for breakfast and then leftover ham and Swiss bake (a casserole from my new Amish cookbook) for lunch.  By no stretch of the imagination was I actually hungry.  But the desire to snack was still powerfully strong, probably because the holidays and some sheer apathy got me in the habit of snacking.  I’m used to having cookies, or candy, or something near at hand (because people on my team kept bringing these things in to share), and right now the craving for sugar and chocolate hits nigh-overwhelming levels.

Yes, I’ve thought about having fruit on hand to satisfy the snack craving.  No, it doesn’t help.  When you want chocolate, apples don’t help.

No, the key to breaking this snacking habit is, in my opinion, to not carry any cash for a while.  Or my debit card.  You can’t really buy any junk food if you don’t have anything to buy it with.  Cold turkey sucks, but I just don’t see myself slowly weaning myself off the cookies.

Well, that’s one key.  The other key is to make awesome food and bring it.  Today, I’ve got leftover homemade chicken enchiladas for lunch!  Drive-through Taco Bell just doesn’t compare.


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  1. Holleh

    Apples really don’t satisfy chocolate cravings, I must wholeheartedly agree. I have grown fond of chocolate (and fruit) teas for just that reason. It gives the flavor of chocolate without near to any of the calories. (Note: obviously assuming one drinks one’s tea plain without sugar or milk. Which I’m perfectly happy to do with some of the teas I’ve tried. Adagio’s Scorpio blend and tiger eye both lend themselves well even without additions.)

    But cold turkey might very well be better. Especially for killing the cravings themselves.

    Enjoy your enchiladas!


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