Walking Around. And Around. And Around.

You know what’s boring?  Walking laps in my condo.  That’s boring.

Here’s what happened.  I’d done all of my other exercises yesterday, and I missed my calorie budget by only 33 calories (so I think I did pretty well).  I’d just gotten my son to bed, and I realized that I had 0.6 of a mile left to walk to hit my goal.  The problem is that, because of work schedules, my wife wasn’t home yet.  So I couldn’t very well head outside or go to the little workout room in the complex, not and leave a six year old alone in the house.

So, I started walking back and forth in my condo.  From the front door , around the living room and then the master bedroom, and back.  Occasionally, just to break up the monotony, I’d round up the laundry and start it.  But I did laps, and listened to my podcasts, and tried not to get dizzy when I had to make a tight turn because my kitchen isn’t very large.

And I hit my walking goal!  Yay me!  But today?  I think I’ll try to hit it before I have to pace my condo.


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