You Win Some, You Lose Some

I did pretty well, yesterday.  Most of the day I tracked all of my calories, and I worked hard to hit all of my exercise goals, and I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Things were really looking up!

And then I went to a Chinese buffet for dinner.

In fairness to myself, yesterday was a crazy, crazy day.  We were down to one car for the day, thanks to some repair work that needed doing, so I spent a lot of the day on the road.  By the time I picked up my wife from work, my family was happy to gather together over some mass-produced fried rice in bulk quantities.  So I have no idea how much I ate, because it’s really hard to track calories at a buffet.  Which is why I generally avoid them, these days.

Still, I got all of my exercise goals in.  And I came within a third of a mile of hitting my walking goal before I decided that 3 am comes awfully early and I really need some sleep.  So I don’t think one day of overeating will hurt me.  As long as I make sure it’s only one day, that is.


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